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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift


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Pathetic Excuse for FF Tactics

posted by Zenning (BURNSVILLE, MN) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Generally I love Final Fantasy Tactics. I've spent countless hours playing them. This is a pathetic miserable excuse for a game bearing FFT, and square enix's name. First little obnoxious trait. There's a judge. You break the rules, you lose some nice abilities. Generally it's pretty easy to not break the rules, unless it's something fantabulous like, no damage over 50, and your average hit is in the mid 70's... Or my personal favorite... No distance targeting... Be sure to take the time to put one of your people behind whatever it is you're attacking, because if you crit it, and it flies, you lose. This is by far the most obnoxious part of this game. When you are working on improving your clan, you fail, you get to go back and spend more currency to try again, and again, and again, and you've got 4 turns to kill them all, and the end of the fourth turn your warrior crits them again, and they go flying, and...
If you enjoy exercises in Futility, and being thoroughly annoyed at stupid things like that... don't let this review stop you. But better bang for your buck, PS1 FFT.
Honestly, I am disgusted that this ever passed beta testing.

If it had been done right, I'd be singing praises. I usually get games that make me think, strategy type stuff. This Brings a lot of really neat features to the table, except I usually enjoy relaxing when I play a game, not getting frustrated at all the little things that were poorly implemented.

Save yourself the frustration, get something else.

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What Happened?

posted by Schnazy72 (FARGO, ND) Jan 14, 2009

Member since Oct 2006

2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

I really like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for GBA, so you know I was stoked to play A2. Alright, I get about 3 hours in and decided I want to do some side quest stuff. This is where my main problem lies. The combat system is depressingly flawed. I understand they want to make a game challenging, but making it unplayable is a huge mistake. Slow and Haste skills are incredibly out of proportion, and a magic attack should be incredibly stronger than a physical attack but take longer until that target can move again. The game lost its momentum from its origins and the story line is surprisingly predictive and unoriginal. The main hero in the story is a brat who escapes to another dimension and tries to find his way back. I give it a depressing score for a depressing game.

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More of the same

posted by ESPERs (VISALIA, CA) Jul 15, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

Just great... another game about a story within a story. I enjoyed the original Final Fantasy Tactics game, so I played Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA. A kid getting sucked into a story... Judges... With time I came to hate many aspects of the GBA game. To see them recycled into another game just makes me sick. Sure it can be immersive for young children, but the game is dead to the true fans.

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