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A Better Remake could not have been made.

posted by SkoDZ5 (WESTMINSTER, MD) Dec 12, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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I was there in 1991, Final Fantasy 2 had come out and I had to have it.
I am a Fan Boy and this is my review.

Final Fantasy IV, as it is now know, is the corner stone of the RPG genre. To not have played it is to have skipped addition in math class. Its story is rich in struggle against self, country, and greater good. The characters are diverse in delivery and always fun to revisit. Unique settings paint the journey that spans from the core of the planet all the way to the moon. All with powerful music that invokes emotion and mood (although it can be a bit repetitive).

The retelling is true to the original with only a few changes, mostly in the naming of objects. One thing to note is the battle system is harder, a good thing, with the addition of new skills. Everyone still has their basic commands, but in this game you can acquire and allocate skills that were not in the original.

Cut scenes are well inserted, helping to tell the story better not just for the sake of having a cut scene. Paired with good voice acting these were a real treat. I was sadden though by the voices, to think I have had the pronunciation of the characters names wrong for all these years.

All in all, if you haven't played this game yet now is the time. If you haven't play the game in a long time, this is the way to revisit.

Fan Boy Out . . .

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posted by PineTree (LOUISVILLE, KY) Jul 28, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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This is a perfect remake of FFIV, one of my favorite Final Fantasy's. The fact that the game had voices was shocking and great. If you've never played the game before, you truly are missing out on one of the best rpgs on the DS.

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My god.......

posted by SoulEater (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jul 24, 2008

Member since Jan 2006

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When I first heard this game was being remade, I nearly cried. The original on the SNES blew my mind when it came out, with a gripping story, excellently designed characters, and the introduction of the Active Battle System. And this game just gets better with every remake! The DS version is no exception. The new 3D visuals and the voice acting are like sprinkles on top of the Sundae of Awesome that is Final Fantasy IV. Any fan of Final Fantasy games, or just games in general, should get this game!

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