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The best RPG on the DS so far.

posted by RaoulDuke (WINTERVILLE, NC) Jul 23, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

22 out of 23 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

This is the game that pulled me into RPGs. Square's masterpiece, FINAL FANTASY IV, is now in 3D on the DS, and even better than before. The bosses are more difficult, so update your strategies used on the SNES version. The voice acting is superb, the graphics are the best I've seen so far on the DS, and the storyline (of course) is better than half the films Hollywood has been pumping out the past couple of years. Rent this or buy this as soon as possible. 10/10

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The Definitive Edition of a Classic RPG.

posted by Rog1985 (PHILIPPI, WV) Jul 30, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

As a preteen, the Super Nintendo was a huge thing in my house, it was during my era where I played my first RPG - Final Fantasy II. It has long since been one of my all time favorite games, and I've played it on every platform that it's been released on.

Now, on the Nintendo DS, we have my dream come true, a full remake of Final Fantasy IV. The story is about a man named Cecil who is struggling with his allegiance, and his dark side. He has to overcome these obstacles, among others, to protect the crystals and save the world.

The characters are what really makes the story great. Many of the characters may seem a bit one sided, but they're all fun and contribute to the story greatly. There isn't one character in the game that doesn't contribute to what becomes the outcome of the game.

My favorite part of FFIV is the audio. It's always had my favorite music of the series, and that stayed true here, even the voice acting is decent.

The graphics in the game look really nice. A step up from the Final Fantasy III remake we got two years ago. It was great to see my favorite characters such as Cecil, Tellah, and Edge updated into 3D. The spell effects were cool too. However, the DS really still doesn't impress me graphically, it continues to lag behind the PSP in terms of graphics, which makes me think this remake may have been more fitting for the PSP in terms of Graphics.

What makes this version of FFIV the best is the new features. The augment system makes it great for character customization, and allows for a more flexible party(It also provides the entertainment of Kain using Cry). Other new features include the maps, new items and equipment, new bosses, and new summons.

Overall I would highly recommend this game to any RPG fan, and if you are a Final Fantasy IV fan, or new to the series, even new to RPG's all together, this is a great place to start. The game is difficult at times, but not too hard if you don't run from battles.


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Final Fantasy is a enjoyable flashback to the RPG

posted by Marty16 (SAINT JAMES, NY) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

I will say I was there at the birth of rpgs and I still play them today. With all the new real time fighting systems being implemented as of late I was in dire need of some old school turn base battles. That being said the Combat is simple enough for beginners yet has enough dept for pros. Battles are quick and enjoyable and I find myself not running away as much as I use too. The Auto battle feature is nice because it lets you fights battle with no hands giving you the ability to eat and play. The story is phenomenal and will keep you wanted more. The updated graphics and voice overs really bring it all together. So if you want to try your first RPG or you've played everyone this is one game you should rent.

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