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GF Rating


Better than FFVII

posted by DrPepper (BROOMFIELD, CO) Jan 7, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

In many games customization is a nice way to make your character more flashy, but in FF III customization is key. The battles and cut scenes are stunning(as far as DS graphics go)and overall this is probably the best Final Fantasy game if compared to: VII, X, VIII, well it should be since the US has waited too long for this gem to come stateside

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This is definitely the best RPG for the DS to-date

posted by MaximusXI (LUBBOCK, TX) Jan 4, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

1st of all, for DS graphics, they are amazing, the job system is very cool and the battle system isn't as bad as turn-based combat would seem nowadays. It lives up to the Final Fantasy name.

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GF Rating

Very Good

If you are dedicated, it's a very fun game

posted by Conbus (NEWARK, NJ) Jan 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

It must be noted that I have not played a lot of RPGs, and this is my first ever Final Fantasy game.

I found FFIII to be a pretty fun game (as my score implies.) The story was pretty "meh," the basis for an interesting narrative was there, but the presentation did not allow me to care much about the characters. The graphics were appropriate, so I don't blame them, but it could have been written better. The constant random battles is another thing that got on my nerves. At the beginning, it's bearable, but near the end it is simply annoying. Another flaw is the fact that you can't save in dungeons, yes, it's a port but c'mon, don't be silly Square.

Don't get me wrong, while those complaints do take away from the game, they don't ruin it. In fact, if you can stomach those flaws, you will find a meaty game with a good deal of challenge and an even greater amount of satisfaction. The world is huge, the character design appealing, and the soundtrack is great. If I was more of an RPG or FF player, I would probably score this game higher, but since I'm not, I cannot completely overlook the aforementioned flaws. The job system, while fun (for how much it can change your character's skills and appearance) feels a tad restricting (not a fan of getting penalized for merely changing jobs.)

FFIII is a fun game (one of the better DS titles), a good RPG, and one that the average gamer can enjoy (but the Hardcore RPG player will like A LOT more.)

Recommended rental.

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