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A step back to excellence...

posted by RyuKisargi (WARNER ROBINS, GA) Nov 21, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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Final Fantasy III.

When most of us hear this name, we think of the days of the SNES, to Terra, Locke, and Kefka.

But Nintendo threw us for a loop with this release.

In Final Fantasy III, you control the Warriors of Light, four youths named Luneth, Refia, Ingus, and Arc. During their worldly adventures, you give them power and glory with the blessings of the elemental crystals.

Seeing that the US has not seen a release of the original version of this game, which came out on the ye-old NES of yore, the only people who can compare this to the original are the Japanese.

However, the player of this game immediately falls into a sprawling, 40+ hour long adventure of gigantic proportions, in the first Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo DS.

Storyline - 10/10. As per the recent Final Fantasies, the storyline in III is top-notch, giving you sadness at one turn, and delight at another.

Graphics - 10/10. The graphics for this game are in a remarkable 3D, akin to the Playstation 1 graphics of Final Fantasy VII. Only less like lego-blocks and more smooth. This game takes full advantage of the DS's hardware capabilities. The opening movie is one such example of this as well.

Control - 10/10. It's like any other turn-based RPG, with responsive controls, plus you can use the stylus for menu-based controls.

Sound - 10/10. The sounds and music is incredible in this game. ALL of the original tracks from the Japanese version has been redone in modern, almost concert-hall quality music. Just wait till you hear the Chocobo music. ;)

All in all, Final Fantasy III is, and will be, one of the most popular RPGs for the DS. It's perfect, or almost perfect in every way.

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Where are the save points in this dungeon!? Oh...

posted by MRAKUSH (NEW HAVEN, CT) Sep 7, 2008

Member since May 2007

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This is the hardest Final Fantasy I've ever played. You get the feeling that it was their intention to make this one tough:

- No save points in any dungeon!! Only world map!

- You will get wiped out at one point or another, most likely at the boss of a dungeon. Did I mention NO save points... yes, you have to start the dungeon over... Extremely frustrating.

- LOTS of level grinding if you want to stay competitive. Some of the enemies/ bosses are brutal.

Why the good score? The presentation. FFIII is top-notch as always in music and visuals(for the DS that is), and truly feels like a FF experience.

The job system wasn't bad either, it grew on me after a while. You can customize your team as each job has certain abilities.

This one is only for the hardcore FF fans in my opinion. Stay strong and vigilant :)

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Very good but gets hard later on.

posted by Voldemort (NAMPA, ID) Jun 3, 2007

Member since May 2007

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I loved this game alot! I love the way you battle, and the job system, and the menu, ext...
I would have given this game a 10 but the game is very hard in a spot and that takes the fun out of playing if you can't get past that spot. I also don't like the save system. I want to be able to save no mater were I am.

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