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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

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Fun, challenging and really cute.

posted by UnityK (AKRON, OH) May 16, 2007

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I was prepared to HATE this game. Usually, video game spinoffs are lousy. This was an exception to the rule!

The game has a cute storyline that is easy to follow. If you do get lost: Hints are available for free by eating apples or greens.

The mini- and macro-games range from the bizarre (stop the chocobos from running into a wall) to the fairly difficult (pick up pieces to build a house before your competition can earn more points). A few need more explanation than is given. (I never figured out how to play Leapfrog). Overall, there is a nice balance.

You can spend as much time or as little on each game after completing the bare minimums, which was nice.

The card-playing game was fun and the decks/colors seem to be pretty even across the board. I enjoyed this part just as much as the rest of the minigames.

I finished the game in less than 20 hours. (I admit that I was having fun replaying a few of the games.) You could do it in less time.

I did not play multiplayer.

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posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 7, 2007

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With FINAL FANTASY III the FINAL FANTASTY franchise left a mark on the DS, with CHOCOBO TALES, it begins a legacy. In this game you take control of one of the most popular characters in FF history, the chocobo. This game has absolutely everything that has made FINAL FANTASY one of the first thoughts when thinking of RPGS : a fun story, great characters, superb dialogue, exceptional graphics, amazing gameplay, and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY in this title : a GREAT soundtrack. This game however, like CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, is not the typical "level up, save someone and kill someone" type of game. In this game you progress by playing some of the best minigames made for this system, and an exceptional card battle game. Usually, you find error in this type of game - either the minigames will be boring and repetitive, or the card game will either be stupid - too complicated - or too easy. This is not the case for either type in this game. The cards are exciting, and it's fun to see some of the best characters ever on the cards. When you battle with the cards you get to witness a graphic explosion, nothing short of amazing. All of the minigames are even better than they should be thanks to an excellent AI that keeps the challenge fresh constantly. The progression of the story itself is not complicated at all, and I am glad. This game is not one of those "where do i go now" types, it is more "this game is the most fun ever" than anything. As I stated earlier, the graphics are incredible in this game. I think they're better than FINAL FANTASY III's in every way. The cartooney style that is used quite a bit is very pretty and colorful, and the "normal" 3d graphics are nothing short of stunning. This game has the best soundtrack I have ever heard in a FF game, period. The music blows through the speakers perfectly, and is great at combining a new atmosphere with re-done classics from all of the FF titles. I hope to see a FABLES : MOOGLE game after this,as it is the FABLES series owns.

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Too much of a uber mini-game

posted by Mooglewing (BLOOMINGTON, IL) May 17, 2007

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Final Fantasy fans be wary. You don't need to stand far far away but between the cavity from all the sugar and not letting you play the strongest game style in story mode all that often.
First the game is nicely done but it really just dumps you into the generic story that really is about the same set up as the Rocket slime game. Something took all the people and you need to find them. The only real issue is that after rocked slime got to the tank battles you got a pretty steady stream of them. In this game you play a whole bunch of story book fairy tale mini games to get cards to do battle to get farther in the game. The problem is you spend a hour or two getting through mandatory mini games to get to the card battle then repeat. The card game is really fun but getting to them isn't. the mini games are easy then frustrating with in minutes. They tried to serve new children players and older Final Fantasy fans and the difficulty level really doesn't make sense at times.
Over all a Final Fantasy game that will soon be forgotten. Would have loved it to have been more of a card game with Pokémon style collection than the mini games.

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