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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon


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posted by Gemini_her62 (LINCOLN CITY, OR) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

More child friendly than the Final Fantasy games have been.

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More than I was expecting.

posted by Darkslowbro2000 (BRADENTON, FL) Sep 13, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Chocobos Dungeon was, in my imagination, going to be an OK game, but THIS, this is amazing. From Raphaello's realistic life cycle to the incredibly versatile job/class system, This game is great. I love the graphics and the storyline is great. The only problems are that it's a little too obvious that Irma is Shirma's sister, and Raphaello's life cycle seemed to go a bit too fast. Overall, I loved this game, even though bits of the plotwere slightly rough.

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Above Average

Chocobo's Dungeon

posted by SaiyaFm5 (DES MOINES, IA) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

Well, I am returning another game without completing it. I have only done that one other time since getting Gamefly and since starting up my account again.

To be honest this game isn't half bad. I enjoyed playing a FF game as I have never really had the opportunity to play one before. However the dungeons got old really fast. With the exception of the main dungeons the other ones looked pretty much the same. Finally finding people's memories did help, they were interesting and added some depth to the game. There are some dungeons that one only beats based on luck, in fact there's more than one. I usually don't have a huge problem with this, as an adventure gamer a lot of the games I play rely on luck and a specific sequences. Both are an exercise in frustration. But I have refused to play a certain dungeon because it is just too hard to get through it. There are others that make you think they require a strategy...but they too are based on luck! You get sent back to the beginning with nothing many many times which made me want to scream.

There are some good things. The characters while nothing new plot wise were interesting and engaging to me. At first I was kind of disappointed that I was playing a small fluffy yellow bird but as the game went on I found myself enjoying fishing with my tail, planting flowers, finding 'secret' words and having people understand my character even though all I did was chirp. The moogles were especially entertaining and provided a nice break from the game play. I think the main reason I am returning this game without finishing it is that there is nothing to draw me back in.

Overall I enjoyed this game, but repetitive dungeons, dungeons that I felt like were only completable with luck and little strategy (I think it ought to be the other way around) and unimaginative graphics kept me from liking it more.

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