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posted by floopes (GALAX, VA) Aug 6, 2009

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I love this game! I would give it a 11 out of 10 if i could. I am hoping to buy this game soon if i can. You are a chicken in the game, which is chocobo, and it is just fun when you fight a boss. Your heart starts racing and your brain goes 1,000 miles per hour thinking of what to do to win the fight. I highly recomend this game!

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Very Good

Dark god defeated by cute yellow bird. News at 11.

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Sep 7, 2008

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Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon takes the franchise in a different direction. While it still has elements of the classic Final Fantasy turn-based gameplay, this game features top-down views that give it a game board feel.
You play Chocobo (duh), a cute little yellow bird who packs a big punch. Your levels take place in the memories of the townsfolk and in four main elemental dungeons. Along the way, you'll fight toads, bats, birds, skeletons, etc. and run into a whole bunch of traps. You'll also pick up tons of items. The main items you'll want to pick up are saddles and talons, which, along with collars, are the sole equipment in the game. Through a system of honing and fusing, you can improve and combine these to make something truly fierce. It's a great case of simplicity gaining depth.
You also get a job system, which unlocks over the course of the game. Each class has advantages and purpose, which makes variety a high point.
It's pretty addictive gameplay and has the touch of presentation value you'd expect from Square Enix. The biggest problem I had was with control. Holds the Wiimote sideways isn't a big deal, but moving around with the D-Pad seems stilted and counter-intuitive by today's standard. Worse yet, there is no option to use the nunchuk, which would have given players analog control. The other gripe many will have is in the Diablo-style randomized dungeon design. Running through a few floors isn't bad, but toward the end you'll be navigating through dungeons 100 levels deep. Even with level jumpers, the hack-n-slash slog will leave some disinterested.
But don't let it's flaws keep you from trying out this engaging RPG adventure.

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Played this game 10 years ago

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 13, 2008

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There is a game for the Playstation called "Azure Dreams" that did this exact format ten years ago. You, a loner, must venture into an ever changing yet exactly the same dungeon enclosed within a town's constraints that thinly masks an item hunt game to unlock the secrets of the tower.

Now, I played Chocobo's Dungeon for almost ten hours (and accomplished things) and this is the exact same thing: even to the point where when you die you lose everything you have except your experience points and what you had equipped. This doesn't sound too bad except that death comes quickly at times and it becomes impossible to prep for a dungeon crawl when you have very few items to spare and dying means losing some very important, very expensive things.

Item space is at a major premium in this game (even storage has a low limit) and you'll spend much of it always clearing out one spot on your list to make room for the item on the floor to see if it's one measly point better than the item you have equipped, which it almost never is. You have only one character to control so really you're playing Diablo in cutesy form which is very deceiving because the plot is about a dark evil sucking out people's memories and most of the before mentioned memories involve pain, war, and death. Not something that fits the image of the blue eyed golden bird that is the main character.

If you haven't played any of the other Final Fantasy iterations of late and need something (and are refusing to play before said other versions of FF's) to keep you busy, this won't kill you, but the low score is due to lack of originality of an overall blahness that totally sucks the life out of the game. I was depressed wondering the halls with my chocobo and I should have a Final Fantasy sense of wonder instead.

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