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Not Everything Expected But Still A Great Game

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 13, 2008

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Any game with FF in the title automatically raises expectations. Choco mainly fulfils them considering the platform limitations with just a couple of niggles that wouldn't even come into play if this wasn't Square/Enix.

While I was expecting to play as Cid (a younger Cid, a nephew, a son? who knows) you find yourself playing as the Chocobo in the early chapters at least. After a long lead in of set pieces you find everyone is losing their memories and it seems ot be your job to recover them by completing dungeons that reveal their entrance next to those people.

As usual the story is not instantly clear and the completion of each dungeon provides more clues and restores more memories for people.

The dungeons are not overly complicated so far and the combat system is quite simplistic although it would seem to have potential for more types of attacks and spells at a later stage. Even if you have never played an RPG before there is nothing here that is not clearly explained.

FF has gone a little more down the D&D route this time with items. Special properties are not always instantly clear and that includes cursed items, which you cannot unequip without a Dispel spell. Many items are now best left until you can determine their true nature with spells or other items which are provided within dungeons at times.

There is a lot of character interaction in this game. As usual a good amount of this is often of little consequence but you have to take care as some sly clues are slipped in to what seems innocuous at first glance. Take nothing for granted.

Now I do have a coupla niggles. Often in scenes with voice you can let the voice complete but the animation of the mouth keeps on flapping, it kinda bugs me. Also scene changeovers can be a tad on the slow side. If it wasn't Square/Enix I may not mind but these guys are the tops at this so I do.

Overall tho it is a great game for FF followers. If youa re new to the series then it may be a good intro.RENT IT

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A "Dungeon" made for a select crowd

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 17, 2008

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It starts off (after the training dungeon) with Chocobo (a kid sized bird) and Cid (a guy) arriving at a town named Lostime. They soon get involved with a kid named Raffaello and the town's big problem.
When the clock in town rings most people lose their memories. In order to get them back, Chocobo has to venture into dungeons, battle monsters and beat the big boss at the end of said dungeons.
This is a typical RPG where inventory management is needed. Also, the player has to choose what job to be (regular, knight, Black Mage, and so on) with each job having their advantages and disadvantages.
Getting the right items can be a hassle; I couldn't find a store outside of the dungeons to buy these items, and it's pure luck to find that store inside the dungeon.
Also, there are many, many random encounters with powerful enemies. (Who thought a flan can be so tough to beat?) I ended up going through the same dungeon a dozen times over.
And the dungeons look all the same except for changes in the background.
But for those who can meet up with the challenge and get through the dungeons will be rewarded with a great story with likable characters. Plus, there's the sheer joy of finding new items and beating the big boss at the end of each dungeon.
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon isn't for everyone; rent it first to see if you're into this RPG.

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Very Good

a roguelike game (response to hippyvock)

posted by Love4Games (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jul 28, 2008

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it is a simple context, much like all roguelike games. you go into different dungeons that are basically the same and you either climb or descend levels until you reach your goal. much like other rogulike games if you die you lose your items. however you can buy bigger bags and you can make your storage larger if you do certain things (i wont spoil it for you). i thought this game did a much better job than Baraque which was also a roguelike game. what i consider to be a good bonus is being able to play a card game online against other people, it is quite fun and has me searching the dungeons to find each card. i say rent it give it a try and if the online part makes it worth keeping then buy it but dont listen to hippyvock

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