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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

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Woderful Game <A MUST PLAY>

posted by ProphetOfGaming (ELBERFELD, IN) Apr 1, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

This game has kept my family, friends, and I entertained for many months. Whether it was exploring every inch of the world or collecting as much money or meat as possible, HAHA! This is a game you, and everyone else is sure to enjoy.

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Very Good

Nintendo's gotcha covered, Sony fans!

posted by Backwardskey (RINGGOLD, GA) Jun 8, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Overall this was a really well-developed game by Nintendo. A Final Fantasy comeback on the Gamecube is a rarity, and that makes this game a jewel. What makes it interesting is that you're no longer chained to the turn-based battles, and are now set up with the ability to fully move around a battlefield in real time, dodge attacks on your own volition, and smack around enemies with your wide array of useful spells, weapons, and armor.

Pros: Elements from the Final Fantasy Series have not suffered any from the platform crossover; the many useful magics and items are still at your expense, such as the powerful "aga" level spells, and the ability to combine other spells to form even more intricate ones such as Holy or Gravity, which, like in other games, has the same effects on undead or flying foes. You won't be dissapointed in the graphics and audio, either!

Cons: It seems that multiplayer is the obvious way to get the full gaming experience. Since training multiple characters can be a hassle without an extra hand or two, this requires the use of some rather primitive gaming equipment, which may be impossible to find in some of your local gaming stores.

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posted by johnnie173 (WILKES BARRE, PA) Jan 27, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

Oh, the life of an RPG player who only owns a wii...
So little games, so little availibility...
Unfortunatley for me, this game was in my GameQ, and with every other decent RPG game for the Wii and Gamecube (all three of them) at "low" or "very low" availability, I got stuck with this Crapfest.

1. Don't bother if you're playing by yourself.
2. As stated previously... "Story? What story?"
3. Battle system that reminded me of "The Legend of Zelda"... The original one on the first NES.
4. PS2 quality graphics at best.
5. Painfully slow attack mode.
6. Did I mention no story whatsoever?

If you want to play a great, old school Final Fantasy game, dust off your PS2 and track down Final Fantasy X... It's still my favorite game of all time...

As for me? Time to trade in the wii and it's never ending assortment of Mario and kiddie games and upgrade to the XBox, or PS3....

One of the worst games I ever played...

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