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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

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Year after year this game gets slower and slower.

posted by Shikamaru (QUEEN CREEK, AZ) Nov 15, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

Like other people I was drawn into this game because of the name "Final Fantasy" on the cover. Looking at screen shots of this game made me want to play it because it wasn't like any other FF game made.

-=Game play=-

The game play was fun at first. You can get new weapons, I think 10 or 12 weapons total for each race. The looks of the weapons for some races were just plain lame. (Can't use profanity). 2 out of the four races were extremely lame. One looks like a red teletubby, and the other looks like a lame giraffe like human thing with wings.

Year after year you cleanse the world of miasma, once you enter dungeons you have to stay in the Crystal chalice's radius or you will start to lose health. In one player mode this gets quite annoying by the fact that the Moogle helping you carry it gets tired and slows down, making you slow down.

The boss fights are really fun, but no strategy is needed. Until you get a little to the end where you'll need to hit a switch with a fire or cast holy on a dark mob.

The famiy job system in this game is another let down. I thought I would be able to craft things or create explosive potions and such. D mn was I wrong. When your family sends you letters you have to be kind and give them gifts everytime a letter arrives, THEN they start to get happy and THEN they give you stuff over the years. I mean seriously, as a fisherman all you get is fish every year? What the LOVE is the point of that? I'd expect you to be able to FISH!! And like get bigger fish, rare types of fish, and sell them for big bucks! That's a job!

All in all this game has alot of let downs. But if you like MMO's or have ALOT of GBA's and Link cables and three friends including yourself, then this game is for you. Multiplayer brings a whole new level of fun and teamwork to this game.


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This is worst of the series

posted by angryflow (WALLACE, ID) Oct 22, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

Even thought it's on GC... It sucks pretty bad! It's like babysitting an inanimate object instead of putting it in a pocket, I really don't like it at all...

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Curse the Game boy connector.

posted by MarCry (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 10, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

Not TOO bad or not TOO good. The scenery and the graphics are very cute and beautiful in the field but the idea of having to get used to so many little frustrating mechanism is so unappealing.

Also, the lone single player game is flat out rated 1-2 out of 10 because of it's lack of challenge and having to repeat several actions you've done already. Multiplayer is quite enjoyable except the fact that it needs gameboyAV or SP WITH the linking cord for EACH player. I myself had to buy another link that I don't need in order to fully enjoy the game. It's kinda frustrating.

It's a game that needs extra money in your purse in order for you to fully enjoy.

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