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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

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Gamecube's best

posted by Chiefpacma (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I really do not understand why this game is getting such a bad rap. I thought this game was one of the Gamecube's best games.

It is 2010, and I still play this game occasionally. The graphics are amazing for the GC, the storyline is amazing by any standards. No square enix game deserves less than a 9, including this one.

The multiplayer was extremely fun, although it was annoying to have to hook up the gameboys I will admit. But the gameboy controller did help a lot. There was no stopping when someone had to switch some spells around, because they could just do it on their gameboy.
The leveling up was fun as well. When playing with a group there is a lot of strategy that goes into it. One person may train defence, while another trains magic, and so on in order to defeat a boss or a level.

The world seems endless, and each time I re do a level to train I find caves and monsters I did not notice before. There are hundreds of levels, dozens of towns, and several regions to keep you attention.

You do not have to be a FF fan to enjoy this! if you have a gamecube try it out!

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Very Good

Fun to Me

posted by mackygirl (KENNESAW, GA) Jan 31, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I know a lot of people aren't big on the whole Crytal series, but when Crystal Chronicles came out, I thought it was pretty darn good. It was the game that got me into the Final Fantasy series. I rented it recently since I haven't played it in a good 4 years or so. In my opinion its still fun and pretty easy to control with a gamecube controller.

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I'm really surprised.

posted by NinjaZee (ANTIOCH, CA) Oct 9, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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"I was actually quite surprised with these reviews. Lots of HxC FF fans bustin' a FF game.
Well, anyway, lets get to it.
For starters I knew this game wasn't going to be like a normal FF game at all, you could tell by the cover.
I was really glad to get away from the endless turn-based they've been pumping out.
I wouldn't necessarily compare this to what is now FF12, but it's pretty close.
The more-or-less free movement is pretty fun.
Single player mode, I do admit, is a little saddening.
The -tiring- moogle and easy bosses makes single player almost a COMPLETE let down.
But, on the off chance that you and some buds have GBA's and cables, it's outstanding fun.
The difficulty of the enemies increase quite a bit with the increase of players, along with the years of the levels.
I was seeing some complaints about going back to levels, but I' really don't understand the complaint because most (if not all) games make you return to levels.
As you enter a level you or a friend (if multi-mode) holds the -chalice- which protects you from Miasma, which is the pollutant of the world.
You acquire magic throughout the level to use, which is kind of tedious if the boss is affected by one you can't find.
There are certain rewards where you can acquire magic rings during certain years.
The bosses are almost to easy in single player, you almost just run around dodging a large, but ridiculously slow monster, nipping at it's ankles until it's dead.
In single player you can color your moogle, so it can use spells, which can be combined with your focus attack or spell to create a more powerful blow.
4 outfits for 4 species in the character select, a little limited.
Overall it's quite enjoyable with friends.
If yer a solo-gamer stay clear, but for a fan, you kinda have to try it.
I'm positive this was set for the younger audience to get ready for the more HxC FF games, so, I see nothing wrong with the chibi-fied characters.
Stunning field graphics for the GC.
And catchy tunes."

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