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Cow betting

In the Fields of Flum you can bet on cows as they race around the field.

Selkie trampoline

When you are in the Leuda Village there is a Selkie who will let you on her net trampoline if you are a Selkie. The more consecutive jumps you do the better your prize. Of course it takes an exhorbitant amount just to get a piece of iron, so its probably not worth the effort.


When fighting, be strategic. For example, in multi-player mode, when one player is charging up an attack, stand at the ready nearby. The player who is charging up is susceptible to attacks; the other players need to protect him or her.

Beating Antilion

This boss has two main attacks a breathe attack when you are far away and a pincer attack when you are close. To defeat him constantly stay at his side and utilize physical attacks rather than magic attacks since you might not have the time to perform them. When Antilion is almost beat he will pound the ground sending out mini-shockwaves.

Big Goblins

When you fight the big goblins in Riverbelle Path you can hit them twice then when it brings down its sword you can run under the arm it brings down instead of getting shredded.

Beating the Zombie Dragon

This dragon has three breath attacks with green causing poison, white just damaging, and rainbow turning you into stone. To defeat this dragon move left to right utilizing charge attacks and wait until the dragon leans forward. When this happens hit him on the head repeatedly. This is a long and arduous fight, but he will fall.

Beating the Cave Worm

Keep your distance from this foe, if you get too close he will flail side to side inflicting heavy damage. So therefore at a distance use long range charge attacks (Rune Sword, Dragoon Lance) or magic.

Beating the Lizardman King

Get rid of his minions right away, then go to the pressure button in the northwest and by stepping on it will activate saw blades which might lower the Lizardman's HP. He has three attacks a sweeping punch with his right fist, purple arrows from his right fist, and a spike jab from his left hand. When he crosses his arms to block get behind him and wail on him. He raises his right arm before he shoots arrows therefore just keeping dodging to the right. He will lean forward to sweep punch, but this is the least damaging attack so wail on him as long as you can.

Painting Mog for fun and profit

You can paint your single-player Moogle each time you visit a Nest. Mog will cast spells, and its color determines the spell it is likely to cast: Fire (Red), Blizzard (Blue) or Thunder (Green). The color of your Moogle also decides your Game Boy Advance Radar: Terrain (None), Monster (Red), Treasure (Blue) or Scouter (Green). The latter reveals monster stats.

Combining magical effects

Combine the Magicite stones for the basic spells to cast amped-up or new effects. To cast one of the basic spells, you will need to assign its Magicite to a command list slot. If you want to crank up a spell's power, place another of the same Magicite beside the first. To create new spells like Haste, experiment by varying stones and their order in the command list.