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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers


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This game is highly underrated!!!

posted by leonheart (RENO, NV) Sep 27, 2010

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Most people here gave this game a 5 or 6 or even lower.
I gave his game a 9!
Okay first off, I love the standard RPGs out there, the regular sword and shield and standard leveling up.
This game though was way different, and although there is one mini-game part of the way through that made me want to throw the Wii remote through my tv, after that incredibly difficult mini-game though, it got a lot better. One thing I loved right off the bat was the ability to move pretty much ANY object or person in the game.

Anyway I loved this game, this game certainly opened my eyes to how powerful the Wii actually is, incredibly beautiful graphics that rival some of the best PS3 games and some PS3 games can't measure up to the beauty of this game. That aside the gameplay could have been done a bit better, but I liked that it was something different, it took more strategy than most games I've played.
I think that with a little more polishing this game could be amazing.
Layle unlike a lot of main characters in the Final Fantasy series these days, is way cool, I caught myself squealing in fandom over how coolness and gentle kindness as well as sheer power can work out perfectly. I can definitely count him as one of my favorite overlooked Final Fantasy characters. Unlike Vaan and Tidus, Layle is a hero force to be reckoned with. He has great power to the point where he doesn't even have any party members at anytime during the game, but never lets that power get the best of him. On top of that he never wines except when appropriate like when Belle annoys him but even then it isn't really wining. Darrel Guilbeau does a great job at voicing this complex character and makes Layle cool and kind, very rare.

I would love to see this game get a sequel, maybe one where you can telekinetic-ally control a sword or gun as well as throw stuff around, or maybe more scenes where you can control a cool Gatling gun. Also maybe adding one more main character for the second player to control.

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The Crystal Chronicles need a rewrite

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 29, 2009

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After playing the last Crystal Chronicles game, I begged Square Enix to stop making titles for this series. For some odd reason, they manage to take the tedium and over-indulgent cutscenes from the regular Final Fantasy series, nerf the quality and take out any of the enjoyable elements you'd be expecting. So, the next statement is a bit of a mixed message: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is the best entry in the series (and has the most unnecessarily long title). It's still mediocre at best and mostly broken, but it's still better than the last two.
For example, it's better than the first because you don't have to carry a jar all over the place. It's far superior to the second because it doesn't look or sound like a Game Boy port. In fact, it looks respectable, although not spectacular. The fanfare and grandeur (at least some of it) you'd expect from Final Fantasy is seen in this title. However, the game does everything it can to distance itself from the seminal RPG series so it's accessible and (let's face it) simple.
Square wanted to make a game that everyone, even grandma, could play. Sure, because my grandmother can't wait to play a Final Fantasy game. And I'm sure that she'd love the light-gun sections, or the action sequences where you try to force throw bombs with faces. And she'd be super psyched to sit through endless cutscenes featuring futuristic manga rejects who need an acting coach.
And as for the game? Spend some time beating up generic enemies and close a nexus, jump around platforms collecting treasure, engage in some impromptu mini-games featuring the Wiimote controls, etc. It's not very enjoyable and not as fleshed out as you'd hope for.
Crystal Bearers at least has the productions value the other Crystal Chronicle games lacked. However, the gameplay, story and game world are just as disappointing. Here's hoping for a real Final Fantasy game on the Wii because this ain't it.

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Above Average

Good but could have been great

posted by shinransho (OAKLAND, CA) Jan 10, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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FFCC:CB turns out be a pretty good game but very short lived. I was able to pass the game in under 10 hrs, so typically you can get through the game in 9-13 hrs. With very little game play and too many cutscenes, FFCC:CB turns out at the end of the game wanting more.

Visuals: Stunning graphics & best I've seen on the Wii. Unfortunate downfall is with great graphics on the Wii comes short gameplay. Too many cut scenes which are the most epic battles.

Storyline: It pulls you in but after you get through the game half through. The beginning starts off really slow and boring at first. They don't do a good explanation of what a "crystal bearer" is or the background story, as with most typical FF games. They just sort of throw you into the game which feels like it would be mid-story.

Gameplay: Found the gameplay too easy. I only died maybe once or twice tops w/no memorable battles. There are no experience points, which make upgrading your character a pain. The only way to "upgrade" is to equip accessories & collecting Myrhh hearts that increase your HP by 1 point by closing Misma streams. Found the streams annoying, since they open & close every 5 mins, so if you don't defeat the enemies in time, you'll find yourself waiting around for another 5 mins until it reopens so you can get the Myrhh heart.

Controls: What I found most annoying, relies on the Wiimote movement too much, hurting my wrist in the end. Camera angles were also a pain to deal with. Main character uses nothing but magic and no melee attacks.

Music/Voiceover: A lot of twangy western music in the game, which I found annoying. The voice actors were horrible, especially Belle's voice who sounds like a 13 yr old valley girl from the OC.

It could have been a great game, if more effort was put into gameplay rather than cutscenes. Too many useless minigames that give you nothing except pts. Lets you play newgame+ after beating, w/little change in gameplay except lets you carry over items/"exp". 6/10

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