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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers


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posted by Starcrush (JUPITER, FL) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

I am a fan of Square Enix's final fantasy series of games. But I have to say, this game is just... Horrible. Somewhat along the lines of a really lame shooter. They had a interesting idea of picking up objects with your crystal bearer powers, but there is no easy way to aim.

Also, one thing makes this game just unbearable, the Camera. It is a struggle just to see where you are going.

Also, the gameplay mechanics are boring, there are few to none RPG elements, and the action scenes were pretty bad. (except for the one where your free falling with a machine gun) unfortunately that epic scene was short lived.

I just can't really find many things to appreciate about this game, or a reason to continue playing through it.

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Big Hi res Disappointment!!!

posted by elrodg (MURRAY, KY) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

I rented this game because I like many others have enjoyed almost everything square enix has thrown out there. I have beta tested FF11 for ps2 and can tell that it's framework is very much present. but on a bit of a different wavelength. While I found this game to be lacking in many ways, I can say this: it was very "pretty". way too much time was spent to create these environments when they should have worked more on gameplay! I spent most of my time going back and forth between the same areas and doing meaningless tasks and collecting coins to make stupid accessories that don't really affect the game too much at all. .....which brings me to my final point THE FIGHTING IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!! [>.<]

hands down this is the worst thing I have played from SE... I wanna see more turn based Final Fantasy chronicles or maybe an advent children of sorts.

Not my Favorite FF game by far......

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Very Good

Final Fantasy Ain't Final with Crystal Bearers

posted by vg2007 (SUGAR LAND, TX) Feb 12, 2010

Member since Jun 2006

It has been nearly four years since Square Enix hinted a sequel in the CRYSTAL CHRONICLE series, and much hype escalated couple years later when visuals of CRYSTAL BEARERS were shown. But is the excitement of a legitimate Final Fantasy to finally appear on the Wii worth the long wait?

Hired as an escort on the Alexis, you play as Layle, a Crystal Bearer who gets sucked into a mess of great proportions after encountering a mysterious Yukie, a race of magic wielders thought to be extinct after the Great War.

You control Layle in a vast land that rivals that of Hyrule Field. You point the Wiimote on the screen to have Layle target and pick up objects. There are many things to pick up and throw with Layle's gravitational power, even NPCs. Unless you love exploring areas in RPGs, get used to walking LONG distances with no warp points. But the soothing music makes up for it!
Unlike other Final Fantasy games and the traditional level-up system, CRYSTAL BEARERS focuses more on synthesizing items to equip to Layle to boost his stats up which encourages players to explore the different lands.

The camera is controlled with the D-Pad making it annoying at times when aiming objects at enemies during miasma battles.

Unfortunately, the intuitiveness of the Wiimote is not too strong and weak at the same time in CRYSTAL BEARERS, but that's no excuse whatsoever since this is Square Enix we're talking about here.

The graphics rival that of TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Yeah, it's that good!
The cutscenes are crisp and colorful as ever!

Unlike what critics say, voice acting is not horrible, and there are moments where the voice acting goes beyond Final Fantasy X standards. It may not be the top, but it does its job!

FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL BEARERS is a nice welcome edition as a first 3-D, story-driven Final Fantasy game to come to the Wii. Although the gameplay is a bit on the iffy with some minor camera issues, CRYSTAL BEARERS is no game to ignore for Wii owners.

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