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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates


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Crystal Chronicles returns on your DS!

posted by Disruption (TALLAHASSEE, FL) May 23, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

In my opinion, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles-Ring of Fates(rolls off the tongue, no?) is sort of an apology to those of us who were annoyed with the G-cube version of Crystal Chronicles.

You first play as Yuri, twin of Chelinka, in his younger years. And gradually work your way up until you form a party of four, consisting of the four races; Selkie, Liltie, Yuke, and Clavat which players of the original CC should recognize.

The game play is similar to the G-cube version, in which you fight monsters to collect materials to make stronger weapons and armor, MINUS lugging around a stupid chalice.

The characters are love able and pretty well balanced. Each of their talents are used pretty equally throughout the game, although sometimes, they aren't of any use and continue to die during battles, but what do you expect from a computer program?

One of the pleasant surprises was that, when you equip your character, the graphics actually change!(And the characters are in FF III-chibi style.)

Another was the voice acting which just added to the already dramatic storyline.

Yet another were the boss battles. Some games, you just want to get the heck away due to the length of the battle,( sometimes, I suspect that the match might be rigged >.>)despite great graphics. In FFCC Ring of Fates, you'll actually want to face them again because the boss battles are... fun!

I didn't want to head this "Too short" but, in truth, it is. This game took me a total of 13 hours and 26 minutes(three days) to complete. Unfortunately, it doesn't have WIFI and I have yet to find someone who owns it. A great game, but I'm glad I rented it instead of buying it O.o

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posted by lazy1uno (COVINGTON, WA) May 12, 2008

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Member since May 2008

The game is way to slow and the voices are annoying. I will give the developers credit on making the graphics nice, but thats about it.

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Portable Final Fantasy Action Goodness

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Apr 18, 2008

Member since May 2006

I am very picky about my games as I only have so much time for all that is out there and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles really hits the right notes in balancing action, platforming, and rpg elements. If you don't like the overblown dialogue that goes with story mode and prefer a strict dungeon hack n' slash then simply choose what kind of character you want (you have four basic/different choices that will change appearance based on your armor and weapon selections in-game) and off you can go with all the "puzzles" of the story mode solved ahead of time in "solo multiplayer mode." I know it sounds odd, but you can actually play the multiplayer by yourself or hook up with friends in the same room and split the loot.

The structure of the levels are fun and while the DS definately has some texture limitations the color and look of the levels is nice and distuinguished. The levels are full with enemies that will respawn with time (sometimes short at others long) with a big boss fight at the end. The bosses are large and fun to hop around and beat on. The single player has some real problems with your party's A.I., but the game can be managed with one character as the rest of your party will reunite with you once you cross to another room. Single player will often make you use a specific character for awhile, as each of the four classes has a different ability, but you can usually switch back fairly quickly.

I wish they would have added a save and quit anywhere function as this IS a portable expect to put a little extra time into this one between saves and that will save you a headache or two as you won't have to redo a eureka moment.

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