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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time


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Did not like

posted by brett83501 (LEWISTON, ID) Feb 14, 2012

Member since Dec 2009

I have played a lot of final fantasy games clear back when I had a Super Nintendo. So I would consider myself fairly seasoned with the whole final fantasy game sagas. I started playing this game and not sure what was up with it, but there was a small play screen about 12 inches by 12 inches to the left and a small status screen to the right of it about the same size and then all the rest of my tv just had some kind of light brown background around it. It's like the creators made it on a 20" tv and called it good that it didn't need to fill up the whole tv screen.
I also didn't like the fight sequences. In almost all final fantasy games you walk up and get attacked and enter a battle mode. This one was more like a free for all where if you were fighting one thing and another enemy showed up it could attack you also. Typically I give games a one hour play to give them a fair chance to see if they get better since sometimes the startout and learning basic controls takes awhile. After that time with the same small screen on screen it just wasn't getting any better. So did not like it.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

posted by torch347 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jul 19, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

The game would not play in my system. Had to restart three times. I would suggest cleaning it before sending to any other customer.

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A Mixed bag..

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jan 8, 2011

Member since May 2010

This was not an easy decision to make.. at first I saw that the two screens
to be a lazy gimmick for which I would have sent it back, but then I found that I could read the text, mainly, because I have a 48" plasma wide screen TV! This is apparently an issue for most people as many could not read the text on screen even with the screen size extended to full. I didn't have that problem, so this game requires you to have a large plasma wide screen to veiw the text. That's a tall order for some people...I figure that this game must have come out long before the classic controller made its debut, because the classic controller for the Wii IS NOT SUPPORTED. The AI on your companions is also suprisingly OUT-TO-LUNCH or it must be dreaming of playing mario games because your party can leap tall buildings, and they love jumping off into bottomless pits, water, and I heard they also love to take a dive into lava pools and spiked pits! I think that the issues of the jumping and apparent "suicide" dives is tied directly into character spacing, so your party doesn't clog the path way preventing your progress. Maybe the programers were rushed?? Or maybe they just got out of programming school???

Anyway the game has equipment rendering so you CAN change the way your characters look by getting new armor. You CAN outfit your party with new weapons and are not restricted by the usual class restrictions when it comes to weapons. I haven't gone that far into the quest as of yet, but still in the end I chose to keep it anyway(it was only around $17 dollars with tax!) So, yes it is cheap! I personally, like games that give me the options of choosing my characters, this game has that feature, but still I wish I had a decent camera control which this game is sorely missing. Nothing worst then not being able to see what it is you are fighting, because an occasional fence or platform blocks the veiw! Does Square-Enix even care about the games they produce?? Try before you buy!

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