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An absolute must own game - Beautiful

posted by Kamakazee (BELLEVUE, WA) Jul 8, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

22 out of 24 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

I had played Fight Night round 3 but more casually and didnt rent or own a copy. Just played it at a friends house but I never got into it. I decided to Rent Fight Night Round 4 - The best gaming decision i've made in a while - its absolutely gorgeous.

- Beautiful graphics
- Awesome Handling with Physics
- Really Engaging Fighting with Realistic Damage
- Boxers Fight very differently according to style
- Strong element of Strategy in Fights
- Excellent Multiplayer - This is where the game shines
- Good AI

- Potentially odd Career Mode via Legacy Mode - Trainings Suck
- Potentially Steep learning curve - Took me about 1 - 2 hours of solid fighting before i got the real hang of it.

All in all this has to be one of the more engaging games i've played in a really long time. EA Delivers an awesome experience here that is a MUST try if not buy.

Even if you're not into boxing (I've never seen a boxing match in my life) or fighting games, the action in this game will keep you going. I've been playing this game for 2 weeks straight - everyday and have yet to feel bored.

Playing online is where the game's main strength lies as its fun playing against human opponents. I've noticed no lag and the game plays as smooth as every and every fight is so different (even if it is the same fighter i'm fighting, just a different player).

The legacy mode can get a little overwhelming too quickly and very repetitive as there's not much you're gaining there in terms of enjoyment (Bang for Buck). The training missions do suck.

However, EA does claim they are releasing a new update for FREE that will modify training missions, controls and just general stability updates for the game in "Early September". That may help make Legacy mode a bit more engaging.

Guys, regardless of what you might think of the game or have never seen or played a boxing game in your life - Get it!

PS - i'm not a big fan of fighting games (Soul Caliber or Street Fighter)

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GF Rating


Best Boxing Game Period

posted by Bourne999 (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

FNR4 finally captures what all boxing games before never could, the "strategy" of boxing. This game actually forces players to develop a boxer to fit thier "style" or develop a style to fit thier "boxer", EA has actually captured in a game the essence of the "sweet science".

FNR4 is really a boxing simulator which means that everyone who simply wants to wail away at the CPU or other opponents should stick with FNR3 where you could get away with that. In this edition you will have to gradually develop your fighter (meaning you might have to spend lots of time fighting opponents who are lower in rank than you) before you go for the upper end of the division. Also since you'll usually end up not being as highly rated as your opponents when going for the belts, you will have to have your "style" down and stick to your strategy to win matches.

In short, if you actually want to experience the thrill of actual boxing then FNR4 is the perfect game, but if you just want to beat folks up then you're better served by FNR3 or some other street fighter type of game

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Love it or Hate it!

posted by Redima (HOLBROOK, NY) Jun 25, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

78 out of 94 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

All in all the game is pretty good with great features such as the Face creator! But the game was really not intended for the average user!! You have to be very skilled with the Total Punch Control, analog stick, period!

I don't think the Developers were thinking about the rest of the population when they decided to eliminate the buttons. Plus the game itself is very hard and tricky! Example:

When knocked down you have to move the analog stick left or right then move the other one up pnce you center the first one. Seems cool but if you push it too far one way just a tad bit its all over!!! You get knocked out... Very foolish.

Next is the training in legacy mode. Each exercise is based on perfection to the MAXXX. If you do not perfect the moves, which I don't know how people will since the analog stick is not accurate at all, then you get really low scores, hence not getting a better fighter and skilling up well. Might as well do auto train and take the 50% penalty.

All in all the game is still fight night, but unless your a pro with the analog stick your going to get very frustrated quick and give up. I would suggest renting it first before you buy it.

Last I have to say I am all for challenges and thats what makes games fun and sometimes annoying. But this game is not about challenges with TPC, analog stick, its just poor decision making on developers.
And if I seem more leaning torwards buttons its because I have been playing this game title for a long time now, and even since the demo came out with FNR4, and it just seems alittle one sided.

If you love analog stick punching from Fight night round 3 then you will love this game. If you don't then beware!

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