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Worse than FNR 3

posted by funkdr (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Most boxing purists will tell you that Tyson was overrated, but having idolized him BEFORE Cus died, I have waited to play as the Tyson that owned the bob n' weave. EA killed that dream, because FNR 3 is better.

Gameplay: 3
- The realism is gone from FNR 3. Every punch hits like a jab. In FNR 3 you FELT when you got hit with a haymaker. In FNR 4, it seems like, jab or haymaker, all punches hit the same

- I would not mind the Total Punch Control ( TPC ) if IT WAS ACCURATE! The analog joystick is just not precise enough to be used in this manner. It's like trying to snipe with a handgun. I throw an uppercut and the game registers a hook. I throw a hook to the face and it registers an uppercut to the body. Lets not even get started on combos. I throw a R-jab, L-cross, R-body hook, L-uppercut and the game registers a jab, L- body hook and nothing else.

- In FNR 3, if you threw too many punches you would tire your boxer out by the 4th round. In FNR 4, every match is a spamfest. I was playing online and lost to a guy who threw something like 500 body hooks in 3 rounds. His stamina had not gone down at all

- Gone is the ability to easily line up a counterpunch if your opponent is throwing too much in one area. While FNR 3's counter system left a lot to be desired, FNR 4's requires pinpoint precision, which, when coupled with the unlimited stamina spamfest, is almost pointless.

- The corner has been revamped for worse. Instead of having to learn how to heal your man and actually feeling like your a part of the cut crew, you now get points for how well you do in a round, that you can dispense to either heal your stamina, health or reduce your damage taken.

Graphics: 9

The graphics look great, the physics is great, the punching motion and how punches sometimes go through defense is great and bobing and weaving is fun. If EA had done nothing more than take FNR 3 and update the graphics, this would have been a classic.

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GF Rating


The Best Boxing Game

posted by obatron1 (NORTHRIDGE, CA) Jun 28, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

11 out of 18 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

I was really eager to check this game out after having some of the early titles on xbox and ps2. Wow...what an improvement. The graphics are incredible. Great list of fighters new and old and the game play and online play are definitely top notch. The one interesting part that everyone seems to keep crying about is the new controls. I think the new controls are the best thing to happen to the game. "That's right I said it." Before being able to use the buttons made the earlier titles a bit cheesy after a while. Especially if you were one of those "judge jab" fighters. Now everyone is on a level plain in which you have to build your stick game up on and this is really going to divide the online playing field between the fighters that wish they can cheese their way out by being able to push the buttons and the more boxing minded fighters who want to get in there and box. Not only that but you can choose between the classic total punch control and the new total punch control. Nice touch. Almost takes me back to my earlier gaming days when Karate Champ was the best no button fighting arcade game out. Also the new block, duck and weave system makes to game very realistic. You can really get caught and in some cases knocked flat out if you don't take care with your punches. Inside rough fighting outside fighting this game has it all. Overall with the new aspects of this near perfect title I believe this is the very best game in this series. I'm actually glad Mike Tyson wasn't in the new Wii version of Punch Out...because this is the real deal advancement in boxing games and Tyson deserved to be represented in the game (although punch out is still fun no doubt). 9.7 out of 10.

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Another series ruined

posted by rmalys (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

First off I was a huge fan of the total punch control used in round 3, but the new use even with the classic control system is just not very well done. It works ok in straight fighting but for fans of career mode they are far too sensitive for the training games that you are required to play. I am constantly throwing punches I didn't want to throw. It really puts you in a bad spot when you want to throw a certain punch and something else gets thrown and blocked or dodged.

The new block/parry system and punch animations aren't very good and takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Even the best boxers throw shoddy looking punches. The speed of the fighters is far too slow and seems like you are fighting in quick sand.

It might be a great game if you like super power punchers, but the quick footed counter punchers just don't feel like they should.

I love boxing games but have never been a fan of fighting games and they've basically turned it into a fighting game with the controls. Maybe if you have a brand new controller the right analog stick might be accurate enough, but if like me you played fight night 3 a lot you're right stick is probably worn down from doing the between round then you might have some problems.

The game is setup perfectly and if they would have kept a similar fighting style to Round 3 this game would have been perfect, but as it is I just don't enjoy it at all.

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