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Fight Night: Round 3


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Above Average

Not a bad launch title

posted by tsoharley (ADELANTO, CA) Nov 24, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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STORY - The career mode is pretty linear with a lot of repetition. Obviously this is a boxing game, but it would have been nice to do bit more than just fight and train the whole time. Perhaps a little more variety in the training mini games other than the three you can pick from would have helped but even then you may still want more unless you're a die hard boxing fan. In my weight class I only fought three legends (Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr.) about three times each and after forty plus fights against nearly the same ten opponents, I won't say I was bored but, I was really hoping for someone new to fight that wasn't a randomly generated nobody.

SOUND - In ring sounds are very realistic. When a powerful hit is landed, other people in the room just may turn their heads to see the hurt you're dishing out... or receiving. Aside from decent grunts, all fighters are silent. Some scripted scenes with trash talking could have added a great amount of tension between fights but that feature didn't find its way into the game. Ringside commentary doesn't sound bad but is often behind the action and occasionally inaccurate. As far as music is concerned, I hope you're ready to listen to the same twelve hip hop songs over and over again.

VISUALS - For a launch title, Fight Night Round 3 looks surprisingly good for the most part. Other than a lack of variety in cut scenes and the oddly anorexic ring girl character models, the game delivers a pretty genuine presentation. Replays of knock downs show great detail in facial ripples and blood splatters.

CONTROLS - Possibly the best and worst part of this game is the serious learning curve involved in mastering the controls that use primarily the thumb sticks to throw various punches. Even as I approached my final fight I was still struggling with timing and connecting punches. A great system if you can actually wrap your head around it.

STORY - 6.0
SOUND - 6.5

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by roadrage (LEBANON, CT) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Only thing lacking in this game is a nice, in depth career mode. The career mode here is nothing more than picking a fight. Deeper character development would have been cool.

Well, that and the totally repetitive commentary - "He didn't see that one coming, and it's the one's you don't see that hurt the most"

Graphically, maybe the best visual game EVER - the character models are incredible - beads of sweat and facial expressions are just a few pieces of eye candy. The sound is great too, with ever hit sounding as though it's really in your face.

Having played the previous Fight Night's, this one felt right in line, though not a huge step in the evolutionary direction.

A great show piece, though a rental is enough for the casual gamer.

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Fight Night Round 3 IS next-gen

posted by Ghostman (RICE, VA) Apr 13, 2006

Member since Aug 2004

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When I think of next-gen the first things that come to mind are amazing visuals, theatrical sound quality, and spot-on gameplay. Fight Night Round 3 delivers in these departments and so many more. The graphics and visual effects are phenomenal. The light glistening off of the sweat, the expression of exhaustion on the combatants faces, the majestic movements of the boxers throwing punches ad bobbing and weaving to avoid them. The sound of panting, grunts, the shuffling and scraping against the surface of the mat, and punches reaching their targets with a booming echo. Give the knock-out punch and watch the mix of crimson and saliva slither through the cracks if his teeth, and the ripples forming in his cheeks from the skull crushing blow to your opponent's cranium. The sound of his jaw crackling, teeth shattering, fluids flowing out, and the climatic thud of his limp body crashing to the mat. I even enjoyed these effects when I took a knock-out blow. The controls are spot on, and the new moves fit in perfectly. Pull off a impact punch that connects and look through the eyes of your opponent as he is trying to block you, but your fists of fury penetrate his defense. If you want the full experience you may want to have a HDTV and a nice surround sound system. Career mode is back and even better, develop rivalries with boxers and have fights at the weigh-ins (the fight is more like a first person mini-game). I think it is highly replayable, and most of all it's fun and deep. If you have a xbox 360 there should be no reason to not have this game. This shows the xbox 360's capabilities, and in my opinion is truly a next-gen experience. Don't have it? Get IT!

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