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Fight Night: Round 3

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True Next Gen

posted by Kenholio (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) May 8, 2006

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Remember that the 360 version is much different than the Xbox or PS2 versions.
The 360 version really shows off the potential of next gen gaming. You have fighter models that, in a few cases, are nearly photo-photorealistic. No health bars, no timers, no nametags, no nothing on the screen except for you, your opponent and the ring and the crowd. That, along with the next-gen graphics, is what makes Fight Night 3 such an absorbing game. Every hit you dish out really makes you yell out, 'Take that B%^#h!', and every uppercut that connects with your fighter makes you want to flinch.
The controls take a bit getting used to if you're not familiar with the Fight Night system. No worries, flip on over to the tutorials for some practice and help and soon you'll understand. Once you learn the controls, you begin to figure out that strategy is important and can be used to dominate.
There are mini-games throughout. Training for the next career bout are done through mini-games. In between rounds, your swelling compress/cut-man are mini-games also.
The downsides to Fight Night is the learning curve for controls, the typical confusing EA menus (I bet some people don't even know there is a tutorial/practice mode), and the repetition. Yes, once you master the controls, every match basically becomes the same. Block, punch. Punch block. Stick and move. Powerhit. Knockdown. But then again, this is a SPORTS game, more specifically, a boxing what else would you think this game would feature?
Tons of classic boxers, the best graphics in a game so far (if a game company can pull of graphics like this, this early in the 360's life, then we have a lot of good stuff to look forward to in the future!!), immersive gameplay, and an interesting control scheme make for one excellent game. DEFINITELY RENT. Even if you hate boxing, hate sports, or just hate this game, at least see it for the amazing visuals.

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easy 1000 gamerscore...

posted by pslayer (CLARKSVILLE, IN) Jan 6, 2009

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this game has great graphics, and just play career on easy for a easy 1000 ach points...very worth it

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Boxing Perfection

posted by rkelez (SANTA ROSA, CA) May 1, 2006

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EA Sports is often tagged as releasing sequels as mere roster updates, Fight Night is not that case. This game absolutely perfects the boxing genre in a game. The visuals are the best available on the 360 and no game has been able to remotely come near the player models in this game. Full facial animations and body reactions for each punch are all flawlessly modeled. The incredible sounds of players barely breathing as they get tired, and bones cracking as you knock them to the ground over and over add to the experience. The controls are fluid and I wouldn't know what to add. I honestly see no way to improve the game as far as mechanics go. EA has perfected the Boxing genre with Fight Night and if they can create a lag-free environment online this game is an instant 10. With the 50% chance I play a match full of lag as is now, the game gets a solid 9 though.

Visual: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replayability: 9/10

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