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Fight Night: Round 3


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Very Good

Great game, yet still falls behind on the cards.

posted by VillainBRK (BRODERICK, CA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

The game play is excellent. Characters move slower than Round 2, but more realistic to the movements of real boxers. Rival fights sometimes fight too often. Fights go beyond rubber match and this takes away from that realistic feel. The building of character attributes is better, due to the speed increase being solely on combo dummy. However, your character does not get into better or worse shape depending on exercise habits. This was a feature that definitely should have stayed. The fame meter on the stats screen is a good addition, but the rankings should have stayed. I think the game was rushed and should have these key features from Round 2 in this game also. Still a great game as EA Sports makes another game to capture you in that feeling that you need to play just one more fight. I have stayed up many a work night just fighting one more boxer and often one turned into two and two turned into eight. I held on to this game for a month and despite it falling behind in the cards to Round 2, it still is a must play. I will be buying it soon and I recommend playing it at least once.

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It's A knockout!!!!(If your good at it)

posted by MyName (GARDENA, CA) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

This is an excellent boxing game on all systems. I hate the Xbox 360, but I have to say, It's PUUUURRRRTTTYYYY!! But you have know, If you enjoy boxing games and are good at them, It's a must Buy. Otherwise, you should try before you buy. If aren't that good at it, I don't recommend it. This is the best boxing game on the market in my opinion. Fight Night is back And better than ever!!!!!

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fight night round 3

posted by edrock (WORCESTER, MA) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

This game is pretty good,but only offline.Online mode stinks,it's to slow for me,and i don't like slow fighting games,it's unreal and agravating.Also when they're sitting in their corner and the trainer is hyping them up they sit there stareing into space like they're retarted,Come on,we're in 2006,the 90's passed.Other than that it's good.....just not 50 dollars good.

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