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Fight Night: Round 2

Not Rentable
Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

186 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Fight Night: Round 2

Control Stick Up/Down = Highlight Menu Items. Left/Right = Change Highlighted Item.
Control Pad Up/Down = Highlight Menu Items. Left/Right = Change Highlighted Item.
A Button Select. Go to Next Screen.
B Button Cancel. Return to Previous Screen.

Control Stick Footwork Around the Ring
Control Pad Left/Right = Dodge. Up = Target Head. Down = Duck.
A Button Signature Punch. Right/Left Punch.
B Button Illegal Punch
X Button Taunt
Y Button Clinch. Knockout Punch.
L Button Lean With Control Stick. Body Punch. Signature Punch Modifier. Illegal Blow Modifier.
R Button Block With C Stick. Parry With C Stick.
C Stick Total Punch Control. Up/Right = Straight Right/Right Jab. Right/Up/Left = Right Hook. Down/Right/Up = Right Uppercut. Up/Left = Straight Left/Left Jab. Left/Up/Right = Left Hook. Down/Left/Up = Left Uppercut. Left/Down + Up/Left = Hook Haymaker Left. Right/Down + Up = Hook Haymaker Right. Down/Left + Right + Left = Haymaker Uppercut Left. Down/Right + Left + Up = Haymaker Uppercut Right.
Start/Pause Pause