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Fight Night: Round 2

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Very Good

Fight Night Round 2 is a TKO.

posted by mcgriller (HERRIN, IL) Nov 18, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

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I love this game. There are several aspects that I want to cover.

The graphics in this title are very crisp. The way boxers faces swell up after a beating is very impressive. Also, the physics are very good. Sweat and blood fly the way they do in real life. Lastly, the pro boxers look identical to their real life counterparts, which could be important to the fans of those boxers.

Okay, gameplay is not a weak point by any means, but there is one thing I would fix. Once you learn to parry well, all other strategies become null and void(especially against the CPU). Other than that the gameplay is very satisfying. I especially love the career mode. Seeing your boxer get stronger is one of the best parts of the game, in my opinion.

The controls are very responsive. Total punch control is by far one of the coolest innovations to boxing games ever. Once you get used to total Punch Control. You probably won't want to go back to pressing a button to make your boxer throw a punch.

Game features:
There are several game features which deserve recognition. The create a boxer in this game is the first one to let you use the analog sticks to sculpt your facial and body features out instead of choosing premade types from a list. It's very cool. Hard Hits game mode lets you box for 12 rounds, but instead of the rounds being timed, they go until one boxer is knocked down. It can be cool at first, but as the fight wears on and the fighters are weakened, the rounds don't last long enough. The cut man feature lets you heal your boxers swells and cuts manually instead of the CPU doing it automatically. You can go with the latter route if you wish, but you can heal much more of your life bar between rounds if you do it yourself. Exclusive to the gamecube is a faithful port of Super Punch Out!

Overall the game is at least worth the rent, And to all but the harshest judges of games, a buy.

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GF Rating


bam bam bam BAM!

posted by bf22222 (POUGHKEEPSIE, NY) Sep 25, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

When I rented it I loved it I just could'nt put it down!This games graphix were awsome the fight styel perfect and being the cut man was realy cool.
Grafix 9

FIght styel 10

story 10

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Game worth renting

posted by jrrazor77 (WESTLAND, MI) Aug 19, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

Overall this game is really entertaining. The variety of different boxers you face is excellent (there's no cookie cutter characters). It has become the type of game that I cannot put down easily. There are two drawbacks. Number one is in the KO sequence, it's near impossible to hit your opponent and it is way to easy for them to grab you (both of these get frustrating). Number two is in the Gamecube version, the blocking combination on the controller is impossible to incorporate fluidly into a fight. You're better off ducking head shots and taking body shots than trying to block. It should be a much more accesible button, considering how basic it needs to be. I found myself nearly getting knocked out by guys who I was pounding, simply because I couldn't block five consecutive haymakers. Good solid game overall. I wish they had round three for Gamecube.

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