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The fight is hit and miss

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Mar 5, 2011

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I was impressed by most of what Electronic Arts did with this version of the Fight Night series, but it does have some annoyances that brought my rating down to just "Good."

The graphics are better than in Round 4, but still don't replicate the sense of awe you got when playing Round 3. I don't just mean the first time you played Round 3 and were impressed by the new technology used in their first 360 offering. I mean still today. If you play Round 3 there is still a great cinematic wonder in watching those slo-mo replays with bone-crunching sounds that really sends tingles down the spine. Champion is fun, but it is missing that "never gets old" feeling of really crushing your opponent in the way that Round 3 did. Gameplay is best in the series though, with smooth animations and quick combos for sneak attacks.

Besides not living up to the wonder of a game that came out five years ago, the rest of the game holds its own. The career mode (legacy) is arranged better than in any previous version. Presentation is much more TV like in the ring and ring approaches. You can select music from your hard drive or even from playlists on your PC to use as walkup music. Customization is faily deep in your create a boxer mode, or you can use a real life boxer and play them to the top of the sport.

There is a story mode called champion mode that is mostly good, but has one huge fault. The end fight is one of the most difficult and annoying things I've played in my 30 years of gaming. Up until that final fight things went very well, although predictably. The story moves along quickly with only a few hours of playtime and excellent voice acting and graphics, but then when you get to the horrible last fight, even on easy mode, you might as well just go back to legacy mode or play online. Or smash your TV set.

I won't review the online experience. I won't pay for it. I paid for the game. That's good enough. This new system of pay for every game option needs to die now.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by drock67 (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Jun 25, 2011

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FNC IS a great boxing game, but it has its flaws. some Fighters in the story mode have overpowering punches and can be hard to defeat unless you play the way the game tells you to. And of course defeating Frost was impossible and i quickly gave up on that. Legacy mode was fun but after a while it got repetive. train, rest, train, rest, fight, repeat. Another thing i noticed is that when knocking someone out, the punches just dont seem as epically powerful. Honestly, its a good game. But there were a lot of things i personally found irritating that made the game less fun for me.

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Holy Random Knockdown Batman!!

posted by JesusToast (ROCKVILLE, MD) Mar 10, 2011

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So lets be honest, beating the heck out of someone in Fight Night is sweet sweet joy...getting your butt knocked down over and over is not, and depending on how you play this game, you'll experience one or other and not much in between.

Legacy Mode (AKA Build your own fighter mode) works like this:
Schedule fight...wait
Train (Training is hard and boring)
Upgrade boxer with earned XP points from training
Repeat training, upgrading and resting...and now you get to fight!

So this year Fight Night gets a new gameplay mechanic that replaces the hay makers from the last game and it works like this. Punches have a certain chance to put you or your opponent into a stun state in which you can be knocked out or they just put you straight to the canvas. Why you ask, well the developers wanted to add that element in boxing where you just never know when that one punch could change the tide of a fight. How does it translate in gameplay you ask, well the AI will throw power punch after power punch in a effort to knock you out. Try for more than 2 or 3 punches in a row yourself and expect to go down. Its lame lame lame.

Check this out, I have two characters. One built for speed with maximum points put into any attribute that helps against being stunned or knocked out...he gets stunned all the time!

Second character is as tall and as fat as I could make him in the heavyweight class. ZERO points into those same attributes. 35 fights later and NEVER been stunned and has won EVERY fight with a knock out...usually in the first round!!

So there you have it. This single gameplay change dictates the entire game. Go big and heavy and forget everything else.

Story mode. The first 5 fights or so are good and fun. Every single one after that will handicap you in some way. Broken hand, cut eye, no stamina, etc etc. Lame as H E double hockey stick. And the final fight is one of the most difficult endeavors you'll face in gaming. Annoying too.

Thats all I got.

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