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Fight Night 2004

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Gameplay Controls

Fight Night 2004


To learn more advanced controls, moves and techniques, go to the Extras menu and access the in-game tutorial.


- Counter punch your opponents after blocking or dodging his punches. A counter punch is often the most effective, powerful punch.
- Throw your punches wisely. A non-stop barrage of punches drains your energy and makes you less effective, strong and quick.
- If you are losing when exchanging punches, pull back some. Regain your strength and poise, and then engage again.
- Mix up your punches and you will hit your target more often. Switch it up between head and body punches, and left and right- handed punches.

- Hold down the R1 Button and move the right analog stick to block incoming punches and create openings for counterpunches.
- Keep your defenses up at all times. The best offense is a solid defense.
- Blocking and dodging your opponent's attacks will tire him out. By tiring out your opponent through leans, blocks and dodges, you can wait til he's weaker and then go in for the kill.
- Moving opponents are difficult to hit. Keep on the move to avoid your opponent's attacks and to find new openings.

Directional Buttons Up/Down = Highlight menu items, Left/Right = Cycle choices/Move sliders
X Button Select/Go to next screen
Triangle Button Return to previous screen

X Button Signature Punch
Triangle Button Taunt
Square Button Taunt
Circle Button Illegal Punch
L1 Button Lean / Body Punch / signature Punch Modifier / Illegal Blow Modifier
R1 Button Block
Start Button Pause Game
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Footwork Around the Ring
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Total Punch Control (Total Punch Control is an innovative system that gives you total control of your punches and moves. By using the left analog sticks, you can intuitively simulate a real-life boxer's punches and moves, throwing any type of punch from any angle in any combination. Use feints, combos, and counterpunches to override your opponent's defenses.)