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Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli


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Also on:PS3, DS, PS2
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Do not rent the game. It was whack.

posted by cutie123 (Bronx, NY) Oct 18, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

those people who want to buy this game,DO NOT BUY IT. It was the worst game i had ever played in my whole entire life.i rated it a 1.please do me a favor...DO NOT BUY OR RENT THIS GAME...PLEASE!!!

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Good, but not good enough

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Apr 29, 2009

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Member since Apr 2007

I like Ferrari's but one game of just Ferrari's, uhh no. I know its the title and everything, but its just not really good enough. I would expect every single Ferrari out there if there would be a game with just ferrari's. One thing i found out pretty early is that when driving around in every mode including the tutorial, the instructer voice is much quieter than the engine sound. And when i turned the instructers voice up and the engine noise down, i could still barely hear him. The graphics are average Wii graphics. The controls are good. But theres no online and this game could really benefit from that. So overall this game could be much better and should be much better, but it doesnt seam like they really care at all about this game. Unless you love Ferrari's and racing games for the Wii, i wouldnt bother.

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Good game, let down by awful controls.

posted by Armchair (BOULDER, CO) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

Like a driver's car, a fun car is determined by a combination of characteristics, but for most, it's the way you interact with the car through its controls. And a bad car has absolutely no chance of being a good car if the experience is vague and numb. Everything about the game is acceptable, which is all Ferrari Challenge needed to be. Except poor controls is the exact problem with Ferrari Challenge.

There are two types of control methods in Ferrari Challenge:
1. Nunchuck/Wii Remote Combo: The directional pad on the nunchuck controls steering, the trigger on the nunchuck controls the breaks, and the Wii remote's B button controls the acceleration. All's would have been well if the buttons were pressure sensitive.

2. Using the Wii remote only; the horizontal access of movement controls steering. The vertical controls (pulling up/pulling down) controls shifting. The steering is actually not bad...except once you turn/rotate the wheel more than 30 degrees, the wheels of the car reset to being straight. In real life, you should be able to feed more throttle AND steering input. You cannot "feed" throttle. Too much steering input, and your car just goes straight.

Aside from the controls, the graphics are acceptable, if not a bit blurry through the composite video cables. The sound, even through the nicest of of home theater systems, is just acceptable, and not the chest reverberating experience when a Ferrari Enzo flies by you at WOT.

This game is strictly a rental. Were this game comptable with the Wii's Classic controller, it would probably be very good.

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