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Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli


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Also on:PS3, DS, PS2
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Very Good

Now THIS is racing!

posted by 1thatGuy1 (NEWBERG, OR) Dec 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Finally a "racing" game that actually IS RACING!

It is a very great game, especially with the camera angles, and graphics! The camera angles are great, especially with the addition of the Cockpit view, which i haven't seen since Race driver GRID. And the graphics...oh the graphics...Purely amazing! I mean it's not an Xbox 360, but for the Wii, AMAZING! The immense detail, especially in the damage model, and engine! I still want to know, how they exceeded the Wii's supposed graphical capabilities, and still avoided lag!

The tracks, are just so real! When your using the Wii Wheel, in the Cockpit view, it seems like your actually driving the track! You get to sort of experience the Prestigious, Trofeo Pirelli racing experience!

If your looking for a true racing game, but can't afford the purely amazing ones, this is the way to go.


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System 3 Set A Goal A Year Ago For The Wii And....

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Sep 2, 2008

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That was to make a great racing title for the system. For the most part they succeded; however GT Pro Series was a launch title and was better (despite the graphics and lack of options).

Anyway; this is a brutal title (AI too); and the camera makes it harder because the view is in the car. The controls are intuitive and responisve (the menu is streamlined), Also the tracks and cars look nice for the Wii. However there is no multi-player, and it is not that fun making it a title to try just for the experience.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Best racing sim on Wii, but does that say much?

posted by hekifier (WINCHESTER, OH) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

As the name suggests, this is a racing simulator of exclusively Ferrari cars. I guess it's alright to include just those, because we all want to drive a Ferrari, right?

The controls are sharp, whether you use the nunchuck combo or Wii wheel. You still need to accelerate and break with precision, and the game feels and breaths like a simulator should. The racing engine here is solid, and no other game on Wii can match it.

The graphics won't wow you, but they look alright compared to other Wii games. The ugly particle effects when you collide into a car are bad though. The sense of speed is really intense. The soundtrack is forgettable at best, worthless at worst.

And here's where Ferrari Challenge starts to crawl. The game modes. The basic challenge mode is a series of races spamming across different countries like North America and Italy. You'll need to do a cup of three races, with a default 15 minute time limit! When the time limit exceeds, then it will be the last lap. Then after that, you need to do it again! That's 30 minutes on the same track!

Arcade mode isn't much better. The first few levels are basic challenges, get 3rd or better or 2nd or better respectively, but the last two demand you to stay in first while not running off track, and stay in first and never once lose it! Unlocking the other tracks is difficult, and not worthwhile because they're similar to the ones you start with. At least the Ferrari cars behave differently.

You'll collect challenge cars where you can do a number-comparing guessing game with an opponent, which is a nice extra. But there's no multiplayer, online or offline! This really hurts!

The loading times are unbelievable. You have 15 seconds to wait before starting and ending a match, and the menus need time to load too.

Considering the lack of competition, this is the best racing sim on Wii. But nowhere near as good as high profile games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. Decent, but has weird design problems.

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