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Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli


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Also on:PS3, DS, PS2
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System 3 Set A Goal A Year Ago For The Wii And....

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Sep 2, 2008

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That was to make a great racing title for the system. For the most part they succeded; however GT Pro Series was a launch title and was better (despite the graphics and lack of options).

Anyway; this is a brutal title (AI too); and the camera makes it harder because the view is in the car. The controls are intuitive and responisve (the menu is streamlined), Also the tracks and cars look nice for the Wii. However there is no multi-player, and it is not that fun making it a title to try just for the experience.

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A Racing Game Not for Beginners

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 1, 2008

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For those of you who are looking for a racing game more challenging than Mario Kart Wii, Activision makes Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirello (FCTP).
You are given the chance to drive one of several Ferrari's over up to 18 courses.
But in order to get to those courses, you'll have a few choices.
First, you can try to make your way through the Arcade mode, starting with four tracks on Beginner setting. Finish third or better in all four races to advanced to the next four tracks in Intermediate mode. Finish third or better in all four of those races to move on to the next level, and so on until you got all 16 tracks.
Or you can take the Challenge mode and race over three areas of the world. Each area (North America, Italy, Europe) has six tracks. Each track you have to race one solo lap, then two nine lap races against the AI. Each race scores points on where you finish, and if you score enough points to finish third or better, you move on to the next race.
With all these choices, it can get hard to pick which route to take or which track to race on. To make matters worse, the Quick Race and Time Trial options make no sense; they offer fourteen tracks, but only four are unlocked. And those four tracks don't match up with many tracks in Challenge or Arcade mode, so you can hardly use it to practice before taking on Challenge/Arcade mode.
And you'll need practice; the controls are not forgiving. Make one mistake and you'll go off the track. But they will respond properly if you use them correctly.
The other drivers, on the other hand, easily makes the turns, which will anger some players.
What will also turn off players is the visuals (can't read the speedometer) and lack of any kind of multi player mode.
For those of you looking for a challenging driving game for the Wii, FCTP is it; take it for a test drive. For those easily frustrated, look elsewhere.

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posted by marioman86 (TEWKSBURY, MA) Jun 10, 2009

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THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE! You'll have more fun driving at 3 mph than playing this game. Even with the racing line turned on, it's nearly impossible to turn without spinning or crashing into a wall. The damage system is also horrible, and the AI has no trouble with turning, making the game IMPOSSIBLE.

Good: the card game is kinda fun, kinda fun to customize paint jobs


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