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GF Rating


Great concept, probelematic design.

posted by CheezPants (OAKLAND, CA) Jul 10, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

There are a lot of cool things in Fatal Inertia; my favorite are the weapons. For example, you can fire a tether line and hook two other racers together. That's fun.

The problem is that, to proceed, you have to go through a series of "Velocity" races that strip out all the fun elements and are frustratingly difficult.

Here's hoping Fatal Inertia EX for the PS3 fixes this.

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GF Rating


Needs more work

posted by ronacap (SAN MARCOS, CA) Feb 7, 2008

Member since Nov 2002

As you begin the career mode, you'll find yourself reading a lot of text...supposedly there is a story in this game. They should have had some person read the text aloud. Who wants to read text in a game? I sure don't.

As you race your way through the course, you'll notice that the graphics of the environment in front of you are still rendering and "drawing"...I find this very annoying, but overall the graphics did look decent on my HDTV.

As for the weapon system, at day two of renting this game, I still do not really know how to use the weapons effectively.

As for the racing in the game, it is easy to get use to like any arcade racer.

As for the online multiplayer, I couldn't experience it since no one else on Xbox Live is playing this game on Xbox Live. No surprise here since there are more popular games to play on Live than this one.

Gaming appeal...this game won't last long in my house. Back to the mailbox next week.

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Poor technical choices make for poor experience

posted by EdgeofLR (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 31, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

The game is interesting enough, but with games like DoA4 and CoD4 boasting near perfect frame rates, this game illustrates why the Unreal Engine is not optimized for racers. Should have been built on a more trimmed down engine.

The game itself is fast paced and kinetic enough to keep you interested through a few races, but the feeling will quickly fade.

Basically, games like this are why you have a Gamefly account.

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