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Fatal Frame

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Fatal frame 1 fo xbox original. the feeling of it.

posted by scidude0 (NEWARK, DE) May 25, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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when i played the game i felt like it was in my house and i could barely sleep!this game has a small comparison to stay alive and actually this game was mentioned in that movie!so this game is not bad,not horundeos but enjoyable.i think the most interesting part of this game is that its based on a true story! really it is!
so for me i give this game a 9 stars and a rating of scary as satan!

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Above Average

A decent game for the genre

posted by Louchaveli (JAMAICA, NY) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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The survival horror genre is a small but very loyal niche. Its also very hit or miss. Fatal Frame falls right in the middle, but leaning more towards hit.

The story is based on some events that supposedly occurred in Japan. The premise revolves around a young girl looking for her brother in supposedly haunted house.

Considering the game is a few years old, it still holds up decently. At the time of its release, the graphics would've been considered very good. The FMV scenes are still extremely enjoyable.

FF does create a nice creepy atmosphere. The music is appropriate for the scene. The sound effects are ok, nothing stellar but nothing too repetive or annoying.

This is where it tends to bite. The concept of the game is sound. You don't fight like in other typical horror games. Here you use a camera. Cool idea. But little things will irritate you. The worst is how slow she moves. And at times the camera angle will get you.

The story is interesting, but you can tell they did an almost direct Japanese to English translation. Some of the dialog and files that you find have horrible translations.

Its definitely a decent game to rent (trying to find a copy to purchase is incredibly hard). Its nothing to brag about, but it can be enjoyable. I don't see this as being a game for the masses, but fans of the genre will be content and possibly pleased with it.

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My Review of Fatal Frame

posted by TheDemonCa (FARGO, ND) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

The game titled Fatal Frame for me will always bring back memories of that first game that scared the HECK out of me. For the general reason that the game it self is creepy and not to mention that it is based off True Events makes the game even scarier. The game's graphics are very well done for a PlayStation 2 game. The graininess of the game gives it that extra "freaky" factor and makes you constantly paranoid that at any moment a ghost will attack you.

The female protagonist Miku Hinasaki goes to the infamous Himuro Mansion to find her brother Mafuyu.

When Miku gets inside the mansion she encounters spin chilling ghosts and reveals the story of a Ritual done in such secrecy that only a few townspeople outside the mansion dare speak of it. She finds an old camera that belonged originally to her mother and was passed down to her brother on the floor of the mansion's first hallway.

Upon taking the camera off the floor she immediately recognizes it as the one that her mother used and gave to her brother Mafuyu. She discovers that with this camera she can see otherworldly spirits and exercise them by taking their picture with special film.

I do have to say that the game play is great and the sudden encounter with the horrifying spirits make the game one of the best survival horrors I have ever played. Using a special camera to see what the naked eye can not takes the game to a whole new level of fear and terror. There are times when you must use the camera to see things that Miku can not.

The ghosts in general are great and they each have their own distinct characteristics to them. My favorite ghost being Kirie and the way she can walk through mirrors. The chase sequences involving Kirie leave you on the edge of your seat.

I must say that the only downside to this game is all the backtracking you must do in order to get through its story line.

I give Fatal Frame for the PlayStation 2 a 4 out of 5 for being one of the scariest games I have ever played.

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