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GF Rating


Perfect 10! Easily!

posted by EQOAnostalgia (NEW YORK MILLS, NY) May 2, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Any fan of survival horror will adore every single second of Fatal Frame! There are no flaws here at all! Unless you count the flaws with EVERY survival horror game made during and before this time.

The atmosphere, the music, the sound effects... ohhhhh the sound effects in this game! WOW! Even EVP's can be heard in the audio log if you are brave enough to turn up the volume!

I know grown men who won't touch this title, it's truly terrifying no joke! Immersive and deadly fun! The enemies are just gorgeous and horrible to look at! Each one tells a story of how they died a most gruesome death!

Ropes will creak and grind, lungs will bubble over with water as the terribly horrific ghosts lurch towards you arms wide open! This is horror at it's absolute best!

The camera system is amazing, it's simple and it just works! It adds a element of RPG style gaming that just gives the game so much more depth than the standard, hit monster over head with pipe, fire gun, rinse repeat.

The atmosphere pours with detail and immerses you into a truly haunting experience! The images in this game will burn into your mind and haunt your dreams, believe me! This is not for the faint of heart! There is a run button but you won't want to use it! You will crawl forward like a little girl! Until it's time to run for your life!

Those brave enough to continue and not send the game back cowering in fear have a truly epic mystery to uncover here! This game stands among the best of the best in my book and deserves nothing less than praise and a perfect 10! The score on here is laughably low! Given by chickens no doubt!

Game on, if you dare!

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GF Rating


A ghost story for those who like ghost stories

posted by Faerie_Knight (DUBUQUE, IA) Apr 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Before I first played this game I'd thought a spooky ghost story couldn't be told via a video game. Then I played this game and was proven wrong. It's spooky all right. And not in a forced way like most horror movies about ghosts are. It's got an atmosphere that is scary all on it's own. The game conveys that claustrophobic creeping terror that good ghost stories have.

And then you get into the actual gameplay. Fatal Frame is more then just the atmosphere it creates. It's also a fun game. You wouldn't expect a game where your only means of defense is a camera to be good. But it is. I haven't actually gotten past the first night yet. And already the game is one I need to track down a copy of to buy.

It's that good!

Of course I'm still in the first night because the prologue got my heart racing so badly I had to save and put down the game for the night.

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GF Rating


fatal frame

posted by ganny5309 (LANCASTER, CA) May 1, 2012

Member since May 2011

this game was really slow on the controls,it was as if the character 's move was slow and the action of the character was trying to catch up! The game would have been ok if the moves and the controls were in sync!! Thank you so much for the chance to write a review! Thanks,Patricia Smith

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