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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly


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10 out of 10-Perfect for the right player

posted by Mariya (GOSHEN, IN) Jan 8, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Games like Fatal Frame just have to impress!! FF2 is definitely not for action-lovers. There is no shooting, no running around(the main characters seem to hardly move sometimes),but that's not the main aspect of the game.

FF is supposed to be scary... dreadful..twisted, intriguing, mysterious, shocking. And it IS. It's like watching a very good movie, thinking through it, trying to find the answers to a bunch of vague questions.


In short: FF2 is very interesting, almost breath-taking. You and your twin sister are somehow drawn into a creppy village that is enernally drowned in the darkness and is inhabited by restless ghosts... so you will be discovering the secrets of the All God's Village as well as the reason why you two got involved...

The gameplay is good, using a camera instead of guns is nice, it also requires pretty good skills since you'd have to snap at a precise time -a matter of half a second- to blast the ghost off and get a great deal of satisfaction from it heheh

The graphics are very good and the whole village looks so deserted and quiet, that this fact alone gives you the chills. Of course, the game also has plenty of moments which could scare the heck out of you...i had to scream a couple of times myself :S


I didn't like monotony of the surroundings... every house, room, and corridor look a bit too similar. It got tirind in a while

Also i don't like the fact that to get the TRUE ending one needs to beat the game on HARD mode. i beat the game once on normal and was so involved in the story that the sad ending just bewildered me! Going through the game AGAIN and on Hard mode..oh man, i never got to do it.

The game is beautiful, captivating, scary and it definitely worth playing!!!

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Unrewarding Ending.....WHY?

posted by wordwithin (MCHENRY, MD) Jul 14, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

Morbib story, cool weapon, good graphics, weak gameplay-got about 17 hours through, very unworthy ending to whoever plays the game. I mean it makes sense, but it's just so depressing when you think about it!

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The SCARIEST game EVER made thus far!!!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Jun 3, 2006

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Member since Oct 2005

GAMPLAY: Even though the GP in FF:CB isnt that fun ( u kill the ghosts by taking certain pictures if them with a camera) you wont ever be thinking about that bacuz its soooo sacry! U may think, pst! ghosts, i aint afraid a' no ghosts, but ohh.. u will be becuz this game is scary as Heck!! Its not scary that much when the ghosts attack u, but when u see one just drop from the seeling suddenly or see some lady just scream and fall from these stairs and come at u with her arems broken crawling like a spider... THATS what will make u crud your pants!! Or to see some lady come at u with her neck broken screaming is just really plain scary!
STORY: The story in FF:CB is scary in its self! U find diaries, stones that capture dead ppls spirit sthat u can listen to and other things its just plain creepy. It also has tons and tns and tons of twists and turns to it that will make you just think and think about whats going on in this deserted village! Im not gonna tell u what it is cuz it will be better if u find out everything for yourself!
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics in FF:CB are very good. It has blck and white look to it that is just creepy in itself and everything just lookd so scary. Even a doll looks scary in this game! The design in the game is awsome! The ghosts all look different ( usually) and the village just really does look deserted! No one is there but u and the ghosts! Its just awsome and scary!
OVERALL: If u want a game thats gonna scare the dung otta u, then get FF:CB. It scarily rocks!

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