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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut

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Chills not shocks, Fatal Frame is II SCARY!

posted by Tsylus (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 10, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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If you're man enough to turn off the lights, fight without guns and play as a little girl - then you might just be ready to experience Fatal Frame II. Under the above circumstances, you're in for some fear!

To get a little background and the negatives out of the way... Still some cultures today believe taking a picture of someone steals a part of their soul. This seems to be the inspiration behind the one and only weapon in the Fatal Frame series, the Camera Obscura. This may be the first negative for many players...

If you can accept the camera, it quickly becomes your best friend and your worst enemy. Yeah, it takes down your creepy foes but it leaves you very vulnerable - when you have to fight, you don't get to stand in the corner behind big guns and casually shoot evil from a distance. That's not really scary anyways. No, you have to go first person, face-to-face with an enemy that can move around you...

Next is controls, voice-acting and puzzles. Although all are moderately better than the original, the controls are bit clunky and you might be turned off by some of the mono-tone actors. I found the Resident Evil style/logic puzzles to be enjoyable and common to the genre, but they can slow the pace - and make you return to those parts of the game you fear most...

That's it for the negatives! Really, they aren't that bad, but rely heavily on personal preference. Now for the good stuff. The (twisted) story is excellent, with a nice pace and some slightly different endings available. The disturbing graphics are on par with similar games.

Finally, if you really do play this game in the dark and get immersed, you will feel fear in your gut. I for one did so with a friend and we traded off the controls when it got too tense. All-in-all NO game is perfect, so a 10 is out. The voice-acting and preferential aspects lost the 9 score. However, the game is very good and really only asks that you accept a camera as your weapon. So Fatal Frame II gets an 8. Enjoy.

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Excellent interactive story-telling

posted by aubreyp (PORTLAND, OR) Sep 10, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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I found this game to be very involving and VERY creepy. The art, sound and story-telling weave into an excellently integrated experience. While the mechanic of "exorcising" ghosts with a special camera gets a little tiring at times, the mood and telling of the story is done very, very well. I found that playing the character of a young girl was unique, since her only defenses are her camera and running away. In addition, we are put in the character's place as we experience her emotions via cut scenes, and disturbing Exorcist-like subliminal visions and sounds. I highly recommend Fatal Frame to anyone who likes survival-horror games.

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posted by devildoc (ROWLETT, TX) Apr 24, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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its an ok game i mean it does draw you in and some parts are pretty scary the only thing i dont like is its like a shooter game with a camera i guess its just cause i am a big first person shooter with big guns but all around if you like scary games and wants some good animation this would be a cool game for you have fun and happy gaming.

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