Rent Farming Simulator for PS3
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Farming Simulator


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GF Rating


farming simulator

posted by Defdog (FARMINGTON, ME) Nov 21, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

looks good, sounds good, very real-like tasks... but it lacks instructions. Even using the tutorials, it suddenly stops and your on your own to deal with 75% of the tasks unexplained. The tutorials only explain how to use the tractors but dont teach you how to use anything else, like getting around the town, feeding animals, buying animals or anything else.

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GF Rating


oddly addictive

posted by cumquat88 (KALAMAZOO, MI) Nov 4, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

took a little time to learn what the heck you are supposed to do, and when to do it. once i figured out what was what and where everything is, i played for hours on end.
yes, it does get repetitive but sometimes i just want to play a simple game and let my mind wander. do that while playing skyrim or need for speed and bad things can happen.
on numerous occasions i thought i had played for about a half hour but actually played for 4 hours straight.

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A souless form of harvest moon on cruise control..

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Sep 25, 2014

Member since May 2010

Take harvest moon add some technology and suck out some soul and what do you get? Harvest moon innocent life..
Take harvest moon add some business to it and what do you get? harvest moon grand bazaare..
Take havest moon grand bazaare add some more business and suck out is soul and what do you get? Hometown story..
Finally take Hometown story, put it in a blender with havest moon innocent life, with maybe a bad grand theft auto clone mix it on high while you suck out all traces of soul left in all three games, and then remove all anime traces from both harvest moon and hometown story, and replace it with a focus on TRACTORS, and lawn equipment, and THEN you finally have something that vaguely resembles farm suimulator.. With some animals on the side of course..

THIS GAME IS BORING, if you can even call it a game..
There is no goal to the game.. There is no purpose other than to give you a demonstration of lawn equipment, and a lesson on how the economy works... Buying and selling lessons of gaming have been done before in much more exciting and innovative ways in the past.. This isn't a game to be played like a normal game, but is to be toyed with when you are helplessly bored and there is no other game to amuse you.. IF you ARE inerested in this sort of thing just wait until it slips under the 20$ to 10$ mark.. The PC version of this is available used for $1.25 at Amazon, so waiting for it to drop to around the $10 to $15 dollar mark is more than reasonable for a console... If the game had a Purpose to it, and if it allowed more interaction for players to get involved with then it WOULD be worth more, but it is more like a pc Beta or Alpha of a game like before the designers even knew what the point of the game was supposed to even be.. Try before you buy! REAL Yard word is more fun because it is meaningful and has a purpose, to bad this game doesn't..

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