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Farcry...potential not realized

posted by tmonte (TRENTON, NJ) Jan 3, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Farcry's subtle postive points are overshadowed by its glarring flaws. Farcry did do some things right. The A button steady's your weapons (which kept me from getting FPS headaches and improved my aim ;) ), hacking with a machete is cool, and I got a good chuckle off the interogation in the begining of the game. I also enjoyed driving jeeps and shooting the mounted gun, ala Halo.

However, its weaknesses really hurt the game - poor graphics and 2 foot controler distance. The biggest weakness was the graphics. They were bad even by gamecube or xbox standards. This game stands in sharp contrast to the polished graphics of COD3. Its hard to believe both games are on the same platform. In addition, while the controls were decent, I was disappointed at how close you had to get to the Wii. I felt like my face was pushed up to the screen to play. This doesn't make sense when I can play Wii sports from across the room. I am not sure whether to blame Nintendo or Farcry. I attribute both problems to rushing a game to market before it was ready, because the game does seem to have potential.

The last real problem with the game was the combination of unrealistic gun distances and poor AI. I got the sense that the developers where torn between creating a pure FPS and a Splinter Cell style stealth game or trying to unsuccessfully create a hybrid. The game has good cover in most scenes, long distance targeting, and you can steady your weapon. However, at the same time you can't hit the broad side of a barn from over 20' away and cover doesn't really provide cover when you start firing. Ironically, you can do sumersaults in the open outside the AI range and they will unrealistically ignore you. Both of the problems could have been solved with cover actually providing cover, longer gun ranges, and slightly better AI.

The game can be fun as a rental, but wears thin over the long run especially if you wasted the best years of your life mastering games like Doom.

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Far Cry (Wii)

posted by CSanwong (PLEASANTON, CA) Dec 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

So what if the graphics suck. The game controls very well. And good control is better for immersion.

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Just Ok...

posted by doublejman (HUMBLE, TX) Dec 24, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

When I first got my hands on this game I thought it was above average. As I played along the game was a little simplified. I found the enemies too easy and the controls (in regard to the remote) too slow to turn left and right and changing the sensitivity did not help. Worth a try if you wish to see the capabilities of the Wii controls with shooters (this was my first shooter on the Wii), but I enjoyed Call of Duty 3 much, much more.

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