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Try to stay away from this one

posted by Soldier786 (Delete, CA) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Nov 2004

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

The wii version of Far Cry is really really bad. The aiming on this game is poor, as you turn with your wiimote, the aiming lags big time. I don't think it is a glitch because in red steel I have the same issue I guess because both games were developed by ubisoft. Ubisoft makes great games, but for the wii they just dropped the ball on this title. I'm sending this game tomorrow. My advise, don't waste your time on this game as the controls are very bad.

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This game is garbage.

posted by zzzxxx (CHICOPEE, MA) Dec 19, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

How could Ubisoft possibly screw up Far Cry? It was a great game on the PC, but is complete trash on the Wii. The graphics look like an N64 game, the enemy AI is as smart as tree, and the levels are a complete bore to go through. The game is so easy, that if you actually die, once, I will give you $10. The AI can't even shoot you. They shoot 50 times, and you are lucky if you get hit once. The controls work fine, but the rest of the game is complete and utter trash, so it just isn't any fun to play. They have ruined Far Cry. I didn't even know that was possible.

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a great game for some but not others

posted by smalowman (ACTON, MA) Dec 19, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

To start off far cry vengeance is a great game it has all the features of a great shooter plus more.
the storyline is great and has many twists and turns but will be a little bit confusing if you havnt played the xbox version
Controls: The controls in this game are WAY better than red steel mainly cause you can adjust the sensitivity in the game. the only problem i had with it was that when you try to reful your health using a shake of the nunchuk the game gets confused with the jump motion so while taking cover you find yourself jumping out of cover and gettin killed rather than regaining health.
Equipment: the guns in this game are amazing and are all familier to most fans of the series. they have about 15 different guns in all including a blow gun!! you can also duel weild certain guns like in halo 2. the vehicles in this game are great too and can be steered with one hand and shot out of with the other and having the ability to jump from the front seat to the turret is a real treat. the game also includes grenades, mines, c4 bombs, rockets, mines, and the best thing ever molitof cocktailes!!
AI: the enemys are very smart and use cover and even switch weapons and have great aim they also comunicate with eachother.
Originality: the game is very original in two ways one way is that you can either be stealthy or go crazy its your choice. way number 2 is your feral abilities wich u gain wen u get head shots and knife kill enemys and when yor bar is full you can get super speed, super jump, feral vision wich allows you 2 track enemy sccents and feral claw with this you claw enemys and they go flying away. you can also use your feral bar to regain your health.
Graphics: the graphics are poor and better on the original xbox but once you start to play with the smooth controls you forget the graphics and have a real fun time.
Multiplayer: only 2 people at once but has great levels and modes has no online multiplayer until 2007 wich was a key part of farcry games.

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