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Far Cry: Vengeance

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Great with a few glitches...

posted by Unaboomer (STANCHFIELD, MN) Apr 12, 2007

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This is a great game. I don't care that everybody else says it's mediocre at best or the few glitches it might have. All the controls make sense and make game play very intense with the jumping with the nunchuck and the melee attack with the wiimote. It has a very interesting story about a man named Semeru who has the same abilities as Jack Carver(you), and wants to bring the fall of civilization with his own hands. There lot more weapons in this than any other FPSs on the wii I think, and a verity of vehicles to drive. and I know the graphics aren't the best, but if you can get past that, this game is worth at least a rent(I bought it)

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Skip this title

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Mar 15, 2007

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I was very excited for this game because it was one of the first FPS shooters for the Wii. But it appears that the developers stopped working on this game with only 60% complete. There is a ton missing, frame rate issues, and terrible textures.

You start out in a prison of sorts, and your goal is to escape. From the start, you see the Wii's controls are tacked on, with no real innovation to set up. The only decent thing about the controls is that you can shoot the guns separately, but this is something you can do with about any controller now a days. The graphics stink, and in more than one spot do you have drastic frame rate dipping, which makes the game very difficult.

The multiplayer is fair at best. You can play up to 2 people, and it's basically a death match set up. The multiplayer levels are hard, and very big. So it easy to run around trying to find each other, and beings that this game only supports two players, it just seems pointless.

I wouldn't worry about trying this for the Wii, it's really not worth the time it takes to get to your doorstep. Maybe next time..

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This is what I was so excited about?

posted by PiercedLip (BARBERTON, OH) Dec 23, 2006

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I was so excited to get another shooter, as the game released screens it looked like the graphics were going to be bad. Well I am probably an hour or more into the game and its ok, but I feel like im playing Turok the dinosaur hunter on n64. The enemies AI is horrible, as they just sit there and look at you. The graphics are disappointing and grass and such pops up out of nowhere in front of you.

The controls are pretty solid but could of done for reloading and duck/jumping how Red Steel was setup. The aim is ok, I had to put the option for sensitivity up to 10, but it still doesnt move left/right as quick as I'd hope for.

If your out games to play, this ones worth giving a shot, but don't expect a whole lot of out it visually.

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