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Who is the moron that made the stealth mechanic?!

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Nov 11, 2014

Member since May 2010

This game sucks! I don't mind the graphics as they are not to blame! This game is linear, and the stealth mechanic is stupid and unreliable.. This games stealth mechanic revolves around throwing rocks to distract a stupid AI enemy into your twig trap and it doesn't work.. The rest of the game involves it being a unreliable first person shooter.. Supposedly the game gets so much better leater on, but what is the point? If you like call of duty or the medal of honor, then by all means play it.. If you like first person shooters then by all means this game is for you, but if you are looking for depth and variety, or an open world adventure look elsewhere. This game is linear that is broken up into stages. Farcry 2 or maybe even 3 are actually better than this peice of garbage. I hated farcry 3 and thought to look at this game, and I reget ever having played it.. The stealth in this game is stupid, and the main character dies too easily.. It is a game that its own publisher actiually lied about, and then sent their corporate goon squad to try to silence desenters. I now hate Angryjoe for even suggesting this stupid series. I like games that make sense from a gameplay option perspective which this game does not, and do not get me started on the achievements. The video game media tries to excuse this mess of a game by saying that the console is soley to blame, but it isn't ciompletely.
The problem is that in a realistic perspective if you hide behind a siolid object, and aren't making any noise then other people won't detect you, but that is a sane universe.. Here the alarm is raised if a soldier kills himself by burning himself to death on a CAMP FIRE, then they all know where you are, and they can see through all solid objects to find you. I hate the stone throwing mechanic too, because it proves how stupid the A.I. really is! If the Computer didn't see througfh walls this game's stealth would be playable! But as it stands forget it! Try before you buy!

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Not A Good Game

posted by Viper1079 (COWLESVILLE, NY) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I have never taken the time to write a review before and ive been a member for 4 years now. This is the worst game i have ever played. I have played well over 200 games including other xbox and ps2 titles for the 360 and this game is terrible. Im not picky when it comes to graphics or things like that i enjoy playing most games and i pride myself on not using cheat codes this is the first game i have HAD to use cheats and it is still terrible. This game is frustrating beyond all belief and i cant even believe that it did well during its era. This game is horrible.

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Far Cry Review

posted by Belinsky911 (SLIDELL, LA) Oct 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

The thing that I hated about this game the most is that that the AI in the game are amoung the stupidest I have ever seen in a video game. Throughout the game I will see a AI running straight into a wall and not even know that I was one feet behide him.

One of the other cons about this game is the spawn points for the AI, their were so many times that the enemy will spawn right behide me or right in front of me straight out of thin air.

Also throughout the game you don't get much different weapons you are able to use, their is only two SMG, one assault rifle, two sniper rifles, two handguns, one shotgun, and a rocket if you are lucky. I didn't liked that too much because in a modern FPS (First Person Shooter) you should have the option to have manmy different type of guns to use.

One positive thing that I did like about this game is that the storyline is not bad at all, and you have to stories to play through so thsi game will last you a awhile if you decide to play it.

One more thing that I liked is the map editor, to me have the option to make your own map is a big thumbs up in my book.

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