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Not A Good Game

posted by Viper1079 (COWLESVILLE, NY) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I have never taken the time to write a review before and ive been a member for 4 years now. This is the worst game i have ever played. I have played well over 200 games including other xbox and ps2 titles for the 360 and this game is terrible. Im not picky when it comes to graphics or things like that i enjoy playing most games and i pride myself on not using cheat codes this is the first game i have HAD to use cheats and it is still terrible. This game is frustrating beyond all belief and i cant even believe that it did well during its era. This game is horrible.

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Far Cry Review

posted by Belinsky911 (SLIDELL, LA) Oct 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

The thing that I hated about this game the most is that that the AI in the game are amoung the stupidest I have ever seen in a video game. Throughout the game I will see a AI running straight into a wall and not even know that I was one feet behide him.

One of the other cons about this game is the spawn points for the AI, their were so many times that the enemy will spawn right behide me or right in front of me straight out of thin air.

Also throughout the game you don't get much different weapons you are able to use, their is only two SMG, one assault rifle, two sniper rifles, two handguns, one shotgun, and a rocket if you are lucky. I didn't liked that too much because in a modern FPS (First Person Shooter) you should have the option to have manmy different type of guns to use.

One positive thing that I did like about this game is that the storyline is not bad at all, and you have to stories to play through so thsi game will last you a awhile if you decide to play it.

One more thing that I liked is the map editor, to me have the option to make your own map is a big thumbs up in my book.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Classic Island adventure you know and love

posted by HALOFANBOY (MARICOPA, AZ) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

FC: Instincts Predator takes place on an island, which I'm honestly not sure where. But the game is a combination of Instincts and Predator with improved graphics, especially water visuals.

The graphics of this game were, good, for 2006, if not great, you can clearly see the amazing detail in the rocky mountainous regions, along with the jungle-like, bright, damp beaches. I love it! The only problem I had was the bushes, they looked very thin, and slightly 2d. But when you walked through them you would hear dense, jungle like sounds that fit the enviroment.
WATER. Enough said, water is the best aspect of visuals/graphical judgement. It is the best visuals, and still is today for water in video gaming. I even made it's own paragraph, because water is so amazing. It looks better then far cry 2, which is odd. But the perfectly polished water looked great! The only problem with water was sometimes the water would collide slightly incorrectly, and would appear a little jagedy. Other than that, I give graphics

-Great, meeting Xbox 360's visual standards at the time


- Vibrant, dense, jungle sounds with HD quality.

Graphics 8.5


You are Jack Carver, to visit an island with Karma, you are ambushed by military forces under the command of Krieger, man interesting already huh?
Krieger needs to test animal "INSTINCTS" on you, and see how you react, this does impact you, and certain, instinctive, things happen in return.
But, I didn't like some voice actors for example, Crowe.

The story has

-Interesting plot points

- AMAZING voice acting with some flaws


Gameplay -

For 2006, the gameplay is amazing, the reloading of the weapons feels vibrant and cool. And the damage is about right, the inertia is also a great feature. The only problem is you die really easily, the needed to make the AI a little weaker, they are almost as powerful as YOU!

The game is a great island adventure, with a great s

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