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Far Cry Instincts: Evolution

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Far cry Instincts evolutions is awesome!

posted by Travis (ANNANDALE, VA) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The most noticeable aspect of the sequel is the lack of the 2-3 minute intro that you cannot skip. Big plus! As for the game, you can expect the same amazing graphics, explosions, and all the fun of being the predator from the first release. The story line is told differently than the first, which is a nice change. I personally spend more time playing multiplayer than anything else, which is a lot of fun. All new maps, and in the map editor you can actually put in grenade launchers and machine gun turrets!! Oh and zip lines, which makes for awesome homemade maps. This game will surely end up as one of the best games in 2006, just as Farcry Instincts was probably one of the best in 2005.

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this game rules

posted by predatorxx (FONTANA, CA) Apr 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

In this excellent first person shooter, you are Jack Carver, meeting a young women is your first mistake, getting caught in a "war" Between rebels. The entire island seems to be after you thinking you are the one that murdered the Governor. Your mission: Escape the island. With some new and interesting weapons, and new Feral abilities, this game is a snap with the ability to recover your health. An all new Feral Jump, and attacking will leave your enemies backing up into a corner sucking their thumb. Later on in the game you meet a familar ally, Doyle, who seems to have a nasty history of making your life not to fun. Most of the enemies you face are human but somewhere towards the end you seems to run into people that have the same power.

On the positive side
+ The graphics and landscaping are awesome.
+ New weapons.
+ New feral abilities.
+ Xbox live is laid back and not very compeitive. Also the ability to create maps offline and online.

Only one thing wrong, In my opinion.
- It is hard to shoot people due to some lag. Rare but, if it get's too you, you won't be having a good time.

This game was excellent, I hope to see another one. I give this game a 5, out of 5.

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Far Cry Instincts: Evolution

posted by Rob911 (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) Apr 13, 2006

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Member since Jan 2005

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

ahhh what can i say, good ole ubisoft has released its next version in the great Far Cry series. And here we are rushing out to get our hands on it. Far Cry Instincts Evolution adds a whole new storyline and some great new multiplayer features, so don't get me wrong this game is great and well worth the buy, but let me break it down into pros and cons...

Pros: The map editor adds new and improved content to an already amazing tool, zip lines, caves and new buildings are all here.. The multiplayer is still at a relentless pace, whether predator is your game mode choice or team chaos it never stops being adrenaline vehicles such as the sampan boat and pickup truck with a mortar in back adds to the arsenal at your disposal as you will be rampaging through the multiplayer games blowing up everything in your weapons including pipe bombs, and molotov cocktails add extra flare during online matches... and finally the environments, weapon models and player models still look beautiful..

Cons: the part i never like to talk about, well apart from this game being a very well thought out and put together title, its lacking in areas that should have been addressed. The single-player campaign is bogged down with glitches and the occasional fps drops, although still fun it lessens the experience...the molotov cocktails on the multiplayer front seem to lag the game when the first one is thrown in a match, its almost as if the xbox needs to load the new fire which takes it a second, you cannot over-lap land or add waterfalls ( a feature which was desperately wanted by the community)

Final thoughts: If you can get passed the glitches in single-player and the very minor ones in multiplayer, you will enjoy this title for months to come, with so much to offer this title should not be over-looked because of the release of the xbox 360's FCI Predator..

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