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GF Rating


farcry3 after game is over review (spoilers)

posted by ljc31 (AURORA, IL) Dec 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

1 of the best games i ever played its fun theres sad moments and a good game for teens and young adults i wold of said 10 and up but there is nudeity in the game so you dont want that in there head...moving on.Welll you might say (what about the blood) blood is not that bad you see almost every day...maybe not every day but still well since I coverd the games intercore.Now to the bigining and the end ill start with the bigining it is amazing!!! i mean the first thing you get is action some games start out with borint stuff not this one it just action i mean grant gets killed and it interduces you to the jungle and just amazing now to the kinda middle the middle is a little bit sad i mean you worked so hard to save your friends and know your going to stay on the island i thought it was bs at first but what ever now to killing hoyt and vaas killing hoyt can be hard with sam goon i thought i was scrroed nobe i knife through his neck and his head killing vaas was just plain stupid i had to kill at least 30 of them befor I killed th real vaas well to the en know the end was very sad its either citra are you friends of course i picked my friends but the sad thing is citra dies in the end because dennis trys to kill jason(your avitar)and citra blocks the blade and byby citra well that is my review hoped you liked it oh and 1 more thing sory for my very bad spelling!!!!.

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GF Rating


This game just wow'd me over and over.

posted by Jeremy330 (SHEPHERD, MI) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

The title says it all. The gameplay is awesome, there is SO much to do, explore, and collect. The storyline is amazing with some really amazing twists. The characters are really spectacular too. If you rent it, just click "Keep". It's well worth $60 brand new or whatever you can get for it off here. It's definitely one of the best if not best RPG or game I've ever played. Since I'm also in love with the Assassin's Creed series, another pat on the back for Ubisoft on an amazing game. This is a must have for every household.

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GF Rating


very beautiful game

posted by Furrypatch (FOND DU LAC, WI) Dec 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2007

grafic and sound are great but thats where the magic ends.
problem #1 in order to play in peace and not have to go back to the fast travel to unload junk or refill ammo you must hunt for different skins sure it makes the game longer but it kills the fun. especially in the begining!

problem #2 the gun accuracy is horrible unless you got a sniper rifle or you are close enought to hug the bad guy you wont get a head shot

problem #3 preditory animals which are tanks shoot them in the head with a sniper rifle see the blood spray and you just made it mad. Having to shoot 1 animal with every thing you got is silly. I could see a clip if you hit it with a clip and its still not dead come on. and my personal favorite tigers pop up at the perfect time all the time. I cleaned out the logging camp i was getting loot and surprise another tiger at a camp WTH so i die and lose all progress. Im so happy this tiger showed up at 5 other camps.

Pros good grafics and sound and the story is very good

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