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i love this game its crazy fun and i love the game

posted by sloan2010 (WINDERMERE, FL) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

love this game its crazy fun and i love to take out the bad people

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Definitely GOTY Material!

posted by rollin16 (WOODSIDE, NY) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

Alright it's been a while I have been so blown away by a game. It's games like these why you have to thank yourself you're a gamer. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer ... this is a must play!

This game has it all! Awesome story, awesome characters, awesome game play, awesomely huge map, graphics, and I can go on and on. There's so much to brag about this game, but really truly it is best to just go ahead and play it to really experience everything.

One of the aspects of the game I'd like to point out is how you witness the mental and physical evolution of the character you are playing (Jason) as the game progresses. You really get a feel of what he's going through all the way through the end. Oh yeah, the story from start to finish is intense! Just wait and see.

Navigating the immense and beautiful world of Far Cry 3 is a pleasure whether you're on foot, on a vehicle, on a boat, on a hang glider, or wingsuit! There is also a fast travel option for you to just skip to an area of the map, but for me I enjoyed traveling the realistic way so I can enjoy all beauty the world has to provide.

One other thing I'd like to note is that the main cover villain of this game, Vaas (played by Michael Mando), did a superb job on the acting. Honestly, that guy deserves an award for his role as a villain in this game. It can literally be compared to the top villains of the movie industry.

Treat yourself to experience this game now!

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Ubisoft is out of their minds.

posted by Primer55 (EULESS, TX) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

I dont know whats going on at that studio anymore but it seems they have no idea how to make something entertaining. In fact it seems the only thing theyre good at anymore is making games that are visually stunning. However, when it comes right down to the only reason the game is in the system (good gameplay) they always seem to collapse hard. This game reminds me far too much of all the awful things that made me turn away from today's Assassins Creed series. I say today's because the last two good AC games were ACII and Brotherhood. Ubisofts sick idea of stealth is beyond anything that could strike the surface of making sense.

The Good - Great graphics, stealth take-downs are pretty satisfying. Gliding is fun when it works.

The Bad - Just about everything else. Animals are made of kevlar so have fun hunting. Also in every other battle, your bullets seem to made up of hugs and kisses. Maybe its all the smack these druggies are on. Or maybe its just typical Ubisoft BS. Traveling is still very tedious. Apparently this country you play in can't afford anymore than five vehicles in a 40 mile radius.
The payback you get on Vaas was just not justifying at all. I felt like I was playing Homefront all over again. All these terrible things happen and yet no good vengeance was done. It was just a lame last battle for that character.

Is Ubisoft the new EA? Not giving a flying meth pipe about what they're giving the fans, just pumping out titles for the next dollar? Whats worse is the ridiculously over crowded band wagon these so called hardcore gamers are on.

I can't even look forward to the new AC IV or the long awaited reboot of Thief because this company is just too sketchy these days. A+ on graphics and at least being innovative in some ways. Have to give them a D- on gameplay though. One last thing. After seeing how broken the stealth was in Dishonored and how broken the stealth CAN be in Far Cry 3, I think it's safe to say these two animals just don't mi

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