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my far cry 3 review

posted by italianweapon (BLAIR, NE) Nov 14, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

far cry 3 was so amazing loved the guns blowing up stuff and hunting :) i give it a 10 out of 10 CANT WAIT FOR FAR CRY 4 :) co op was fun online is awesome!!!

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Watch out for attacks from the over-hype machine..

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Nov 3, 2014

Member since May 2010

This game is protected by corperate lap dogs of ubisoft who only attack the critics of this game, and as a result they have lost points with me regarding their game for the use of such bully tactics. Now for the review...
The game is over rated. Where it does good is in the fact that they introduce you top the most amazingly crazy mad man in the person of vaas, and they also give you good graphics. That's it! This game goes down hill after that.. Problems?
1. quick time events are stupid and they ruined this game! This isn't God of War people, and it shouldn't be!
2. Stealth is a irregular mechanic even in the logic of this games own universe. For example, In most cases, and outposts if you have a silenced siper rifle you can clear a stronghold almost effortllessly, but if you are using close quarter approaches you literally have to abuse the AI to death with rocks just to get anywhere, but forget aceing it unless you have boat loads of luck and skill.. This first outpost is the worst of the bunch. If an unimportant npc militia member dies during the first outpost you, then fail the mission. That only happens when the first signs of fighting begin. On all other outposts, the blue shirts won't even show until after all the red shirst are dead and the outpost is captured. You can tear through the first outpost easily in a few minutesf you go running in with guns blazing. FORGET STEALTH IF YOU ARE MELEEING the game, you might get a few stealth kills, but not much. Sound odd right? There are reasons for it.
3. Ai ranges from suicidally stupid to nearly psychic.
They can see through some solid objects in some cases, but not others. The game actually forces a stealth segment on the players which defeats the whole Open world, do what you want, the way you want to do it!
Between the QTE, and the wonky stealth makes me wonder why it ranks so high. The anwser? Many reviewers are bought, and paid for by the company to give good reviews. Try before you buy!

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posted by TallusTheKiller (OGDEN, UT) Oct 23, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

I loved playing this game.The story was very immersive and the open world aspect was grand. I am naturally a stealth type gamer so when I found out that you can go full stealth I was extremely excited about it. Giving me a bow was one of the best features of this game. However, if you wanted to go and Rambo everything then they have weapons for that as well. The game mechanics of it are superb and the graphics on it were something else. All in all this game is one to be well remembered for a long time. Definitely looking forward to Far Cry 4.

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