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posted by TallusTheKiller (OGDEN, UT) Oct 23, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

I loved playing this game.The story was very immersive and the open world aspect was grand. I am naturally a stealth type gamer so when I found out that you can go full stealth I was extremely excited about it. Giving me a bow was one of the best features of this game. However, if you wanted to go and Rambo everything then they have weapons for that as well. The game mechanics of it are superb and the graphics on it were something else. All in all this game is one to be well remembered for a long time. Definitely looking forward to Far Cry 4.

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Best FarCry, so far.

posted by DrakanIDG (CHERRY TREE, PA) Sep 30, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

I've played it before and completed ( Single-Player ) it in under 9 hours. I've played the other FarCry's and I thought they were Ok but it just seemed to fit with The Elderscrolls Skyrim coming out at around the same time but with this a couple months ahead.

The Story was pretty self explanatory. Guy - Vacation - Bad choice of Vacation spot - aaaand Crazy messed upish Revolution Island and weird people that are Craaaaazy especially the endings..

Not really a good " Stealth" game in my point since one mission did P me off really badly.

More of this review seems like questions that aren't there and the answers are but oh well.

Just another thing It seems like your Character knows what he's doing but thinks oh this is pretty lame but cool then other missions hes like OH MY GOD SO AWSOME. seems a bit off I don't know why.

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FAR out 3

posted by Jmac1928 (WHITTIER, CA) Sep 2, 2014

Member since May 2012

this game was really great......deffinatly a HUGE step up from the previous 2 farcrys. solid fps with a varity of guns and a few mods to match whatever kind of killing style you prefer as a gamer.....for me it was the flamethrower and setting mines and c4 for traps hahah.....besides that herb collecting which can then be changed into different boosters including health was a very nice addition, like the crafting system....hunt this animal and get this perk very easy and fun....story was pretty good alittle vaige at certain points where it leaves you goin wait what just happened or how did a rich kid just out of no where become an unstoppible bad @#$%, also another thing i really enjoyed was the climbing of radio towers to open up the map and the taking over of enemy camps.....reminded me of assasins creed as did the steal take downs and if that failed boom guns blazzing.....only REALLY big problem i had was that animals in the game were soooooo powerfull, killed me in one to two hits and took like five arrows to kill all in all great game which keeps you busy for a good while

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