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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Dec 5, 2012

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Just click "Keep" . This title really delivered a spectacular World of Insanity. As many other titles had a high-hype value and made people angry after seeing it. Farcry 3 delivered what was expected and more.
The title plays as a adventure, Free Roam, in first person. One of the most repayable titles out there.

You play as Jason Brody...
Jason was the average college kid, fresh out of school, and seeing the world with his friends. His world crashed into another reality of human trafficking and black market smuggling. Too save himself and his friends, Jason will have to test his own abilities or die trying.

I am not sure how I should even begin to explain how well made this game is... Very nice eye-candy. A game world full of depth and life,seeming very vast and endless.
You will first notice the new climbing mechanics and cover-system ... You can now climb on numerous types of surfaces and cover-firing has been integrated... It adds a great depth of realism into the farcry title. They have radio stations in the vehicles now.

Requires Online pass.

Farcry 2 was a huge success from its Map editor... The map editor allows you to build your own level... Terrain sculpting -- Create mountains, vallies hillsides.
Building layout -- Place a variety of buildings in your own way.
Foliage placement - Grass, rocks, trees layout.
Share and play your map in the online community.

The Map editor has a larger scale than Farcry 2's maps... You can now create cliffs with Waterfalls... The new water layering allows that. They also added lighting abilities.

Ubisoft did a brilliant job... The Single player shines great in this title and it too has a high replay value.

This title is a definite keep... It is perfect in many ways and really is hard to place any dislike in the title. It is sorta easy though as I'm playing on Hardest difficulty, but then that is just the well made AI dynamics. You can play with stealth in this title.

Buy this game.

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Good game

posted by Timrsings1 (HILLIARD, OH) Jun 27, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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Happy that they came out with another farCry game, but disappointed that there still is not an enemy map. Hard to tag every enemy to keep track of, and it just suck when one is right there in your sights, but you can't see them because of the blending with the background.

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Best Game of 2012!

posted by charleypking (BURKE, VA) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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When I sat down to play Far Cry 3, I honestly wasn’t as familiar with the title as a true gamer should be. I was surprised when I saw the Ubisoft logo pop up onto my screen. I was even more pleasantly surprised at every single thing that happened after that! A massively open world, engaging combat, and near-mastery of FPS mechanics make Far Cry’s third chapter one of the best games I’ve played on the PS3.

FC3 follows a young adrenaline junkie named Jason who in the beginning seems like a character who isn’t cut out to last 5 minutes walking his dog let alone surviving an island full of pirates. Aligned opposite is a very deeply troubling character named Vaas who’s out to capture young people to sell on the black market. A paradise vacation takes a horrifying turn when your party’s skydiving excursion goes belly-up. Immediately the story starts to evolve and you’re running for your life, barely surviving each moment. The action never seems to stop. Even the cut-scenes leave you feeling uneasy due to their unpredictability. Even when you get your bearing you may be being stalked by a different predator, like a tiger or even a bear. This game keeps you on your toes like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Simply put, the game’s open environment will keep a three year-old engaged. Where this game really shines, though, is in the way characters and the actions of the characters around Jason change him in a believable way. It gives you a reason to fight and a means to do so. The more you kill, the more XP you gain and the more you can upgrade Jason to become a monstrous killing machine. You can also choose to flank your enemies, snipe them from a distance, or perhaps run right up to them and shoot them in the eye with a flamethrower.

A dark, chilling story and spot-on character performances are really what will keep you exploring, hunting, and killing across Rook Island. Far Cry 3 will keep you firmly nailed to your seat!

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