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posted by Gilead3 (Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

would have given it a 10 but the multiplayer is too slow paced for me

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Great game

posted by MizzouAthletics (CHULUOTA, FL) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Great game with a great story and very few flaws. I probably only noticed them because I had such high expectations that no game could live up too. The only problems i had with it is that I expected the co-op to be similar to the story mode where you could roam and everything but it was repetitive, you couldn't really sneak around, and it was hard to play 2 levels of. I thought that the map editor would have been multiplayer like forge in halo but it wasn't and i couldn't even get any of my friend on my maps. The girls could have been a lot hotter but that's really unrelated... anyway i loved it overall.

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Nearly Flawless In My Opinion

posted by gmeplyr (LONG BEACH, CA) Jan 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2008

One of the best FPS games I have played this year. So many things that are good about it with only a few, very minor, flaws that kept it from a 10.

- Hunting: just running around and using the bow to hunt is extremely fun and satisfying. The Path of the Hunter is actually a worthwhile quest line because it allows you to complete your gear customization.

-Guns: All guns have the ability to kill within a few shots so its not like you're pumping entire clips into enemies early in the game. Customization is very cool but could have been a little more extensive, each gun has 2-4 attachment upgrades. Just stay with the silencer, being quiet and stealthy is not only easier in the long run but very fun and satisfying. The signature weapons are very powerful and unmatched, the sniper will be your best friend. Finally, the bow is hands down my favorite weapon in the game and it will be very helpful for stealth encounters.

-Freedom: Think skyrim. You can approach any outpost with unlimited possibilities and leave if you feel outgunned which is especially nice when you encounter a few heavy enemies.

-Sniping: Like sniping? you couldn't ask for a better game. It's no sniper elite but taking out an entire outpost from a far away hilltop is extremely fun.

-Wing suit: Unfortunately you won't get this until halfway through the game but its very helpful and fun. Just run off a cliff and fly away which helps with getaways.

-No signature bow!? I know its already a one-hit kill but it was what I was hoping for through-out the entire game. They give you a signature knife but no bow?

-No replay value! Completing the quests is time consuming along with gathering relics but that only goes so far. Enemies only spawn at a few places after completion and only in twos or maybe 4-6. It'll last you 40-60 hours for full completion.

Excellent gift or rent, I wouldn't buy since it will just sit there after completion. So many more pros but not eno

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