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GF Rating


Amazing game

posted by talentoverflow (WOODSTOCK, GA) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

First off this game is one of my new all time favorites. I have just completed the story line and it was amazing. It was a little slow at start but the last half has multiple jaw dropping moments and, the end takes an unexpected turn. Not going to spoil anything by telling what happens but, you do get to make a choice of two different endings.

The great storytelling mixed with a combat system that allows you to sneak around like a ninja pulling amazing finishers or going in shooting anything that moves. Making both in there own ways extremely fun.

The co-op on the other almost doesn't resemble the main story type game play at all. It seemed to be just thrown together and the small amount i played was boring and repetitive. you just run through a pre determined path shooting at oncoming enemies. there is no leveling system and you pick from pre made classes not allowing you to enjoy the full weapon system feel. Also being sneaky is nearly impossible. Was not impressed but still won't give this a 8 or 9 because i really enjoyed the the single player experience.

The online multilayer i haven't tried yet but, it seems like you have to buy a pass to even play it. So I probably couldn't play it even if i wanted to.

All in all it's a great game and, about to spend anther 20 hours finishing up all the side quests.

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GF Rating



posted by DAV1S94 (WHITE SPRINGS, FL) Dec 5, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

I rarely give a game 10 out of 10 but this game deserves it. It is definately the best game to come out this year, but might also be the best game ive ever played.. If not then its in the top 5 games ive ever played. Map is huge and it now has fast travel so theres that. I traded in Hitman Absolution, Mss Effect 2 & 3, and Battlefield 3 to get this and the content is worth it. More time will be spent playing this than all 4 of those

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not a Bad Game, Just not great.

posted by sudrin (NASHVILLE, TN) Dec 31, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Admittedly I was not a fan of Far Cry 2, it seemed to go on and on forever, and I hated the never ending respawning checkpoints. You could clear one out, walk 100 feet into the forest, and turn around to find it respawned. This game solves that problem by having them set up so you can take control of them, but that control is absolute and it leaves me feeling like "Why didn't someone do this already?".

The world is populated by flora and fauna, but it doesn't really seem to do much. Sure, you see animals attacking other animals or people, but the animals are almost absurdly powerful. I suppose to give them a chance against the NPCs. I mean I fully appreciate that a bear might be tough to tackle in the wild, but if I put 100 rounds from an SMG into a Dingo before it goes down, its remarkable that our society grew to the size it did with the unstoppable Dingo army nipping at our heels.

The skill progression system feels broken, with a great portion of the skills being locked until you progress in the story. I understand from a story perspective why they did this, but the game does a poor job of letting you know when IT wants you to go explore this big world and when it wants you to stay on the story.

Graphically it looks very nice, and I did enjoy feeling like I was in this South Pacific Island but overall I felt games like Just Cause 2 or Mercenaries II did a better job of making me feel like I was taking control of an area with my big guns.

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