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In the Mighty Jungle

posted by DragonDan2453 (CHANNAHON, IL) May 15, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

This game is a lot like Fallout and Skyrim. It isn't as good as those game though. The graphics are really good, probably the best part of this game. The story is interesting and it never gets boring. The problem with this game is the gameplay. Even on easy, I constantly had to heal my character every 5 seconds because there was always 5 guys shooting me at the same time. I kind of wish they made your character a little bit "tougher." Overall this game is very good but fails to get on Fallout and Skyrim's level.

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Did I Ever Tell You the Definition of AWESOME?

posted by SIDEKICKMAN (THOUSAND OAKS, CA) May 15, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

Okay, I'll keep this organized. TL;DR: It's freakin' awesome.

Far Cry 3 delivers a unique take on open-world, story driven action. While it gives you the tools to do whatever you want, it doesn't make your actions seem irrational. In GTAIV, going off and nuking have of New York was fun, but it didn't follow your character at all. Far Cry 3 covers that well, so all your actions feel appropriate no matter what you do.
(I'm going to put this here; what the heck is with that dialog where Jason goes "So his name is Buck, and he likes to- ..Cut off by HUD noises.." I found it stupid and so out of place it hurt!) The graphics are very good, and the combat is well rounded. Stealth is just as exciting as going guns-a-blazing into a fight. Multiplayer is intuitive as well, delivering a better way to get weapon modifications and customize your play style.
Take the mercy/punish option at the end of a game. It sounds so silly; Let the top player of the winning team punish the top player on the losing team or show him mercy. It's always fun to see what people do, and it actually adds a lot competitively. You can say the game was good and that there are no hard feelings by helping the guy to a dance-off, or beat him brutally with your rifle then spitting in his face.
One of the few poorly-adapted functions of single player were the economics. I felt like money wasn't necessary, since I could just get all the weapon upgrades on my own and find ammo by killing people. Additionally, there is a MAJOR mechanical flaw in Outposts. The more outposts you capture, the less bad guys. In other words, the more bad guys you are capable of taking down, the less there are to kill! I had to do a completely new save without taking out ANY outposts, but the problem is that capturing an outpost is required to get Path of the Hunter quests which lead to better gear! I mean, who thought that up? That person was crazy! I would even call them insane!

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posted by derkalurka (SAN JOSE, CA) May 14, 2013

Member since May 2013

Game started out real cheesy and so I didnt get into it right away. But within about an hour or so I became completely enthralled with the game play. I got real island-stealthy and was doing my thing for a while. Thaaaaan I just hit a total wall. I went from loving the game one minute to not even desiring to turn it on the next. This mainly has to do with the fact the game is really repetitive and Im not insane enough to enjoy that.

I was actually mad at gamefly for sending this to me because it was like 7th in my Q. Even though a gamethat I had rated above it was "available now..." gtfo.

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