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Above Average

Fun game, but very lacking in several places

posted by themerc (RIVER FOREST, IL) May 23, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

Far Cry 3 is a really fun pretty addicting game to play, but there were several things I didn't like about this game. First, the story, I thought it was ok, I found myself not really caring too much about it and actually kind of avoiding it, there were several obvious plot holes, some of the later levels I didn't really enjoy too much and found kind of frustrating, and overall I found the story/campaign to be a bit too long. Second, the graphics, I know FC3 looks amazing on pc but honestly, people really need to get their eyes checked if they think this game looked good, there was a weird obvious black artifact I'll call it that would appear on walls and such and would change when you moved, the jaggies were really obvious as well, and every so often you would come across some object that would be sticking through a wall or it would just be floating in the air, the graphics hurt the immersion just too much for me not to care. I know what the 360 can do, I've played an older game Skyrim I thought that was much better looking graphically. That's not to say the game looked terrible as it was nice to see sun rays coming down and I thought they did a nice job w/ how underwater looked. Third, the AI, the AI is awful, everything from watching a guy run himself over w/ his Own car to watching a guy walk into a wall, and after a while I just took advantage of the AI when taking over outposts. Finally, one of the biggest annoyances I had was that body dragging is a skill and that it's not an included mechanic, another problem w/ the body dragging is that it was too easy to drop a body while looking around or to drop a body while moving it in general.
What I did like about FC3 was taking over outposts, this was def. the most fun part of the game and addicting. Overall, I recommend this to play as it is fun, but too many things wrong w/ this game to give a higher score and I don't think it's deserving of its current score.

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posted by jaboynick (BRONX, NY) May 23, 2013

Member since May 2013

something new, great story and great characters

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Really Good

posted by DrVarmint (KATY, TX) May 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

This game seemed to incorporate every aspect that I could want in a game and did it well. This game has it all. I spent thirty hours doing almost everything. The story is a lot of fun, cut scenes are exciting, and the game play is very smooth. Outposts were probably my favorite alongside path of the hunter quests. Both can be executed with stealth or gun blazing. More xp with stealth though. Although I only played the game on survivor(normal difficulty) it still ended up being quite a challenge. At times I was convinced I was plaing on warrior.

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