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GF Rating


Versatile Gameplay, Solid Story

posted by Homerdough (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 30, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I enjoy playing games on the highest difficulty in order to get a good challenge from the game. Far Cry 3 on Warrior honestly isn't very difficult, but since I can easily limit the 'good' weapons and such, I found a good balance.

Combat is fun in this game. Taking outposts is the part I enjoyed most of the game and going for them undetected while only using your knive is pretty thrilling. Crafting is quite simple and easy to handle, however a few items are pretty useless.

Driving in this game, since it's first person, is pretty awesome since crashing feels realistic and you can't just see everything behind you like in every other game.

Far Cry 3's use of fire is probably the most impressive I've seen in a game since it spreads realistically through grass and burns entire houses down. Several times, molotovs took out my escape route and I was like 'Wow. That's pretty cool'

The antagonist Vaas is pretty dang memorable because he's so believable as a psychopath. The boss battles with the main bad guys though are really stupid though, since they're all surreal and don't make much sense.

The ending (both of them) are disappointing as I was expecting something a little more grand and impactful than what happened. But that's me.

Side missions in the game (not the Wanted Dead missions, those were fun) were so mindnumbingly boring that I just didn't do them and I really don't know if I missed out on a few fun ones later on in the game.

One gripe I have with the game is that enemies are basically nonexistant after you've cleared an outpost. That could've been changed.

Honestly, it's kind of difficult to find things wrong with this game, which makes it a 9 for me. I had a blast playing through it, even if the ending was a little lackluster for my tastes.

+Great gameplay/driving mechanics/fire
+Lots of (fun) things to do besides main mission
+Solid story (especially Citra, who is quite hot)

-Boring side missions
-Enemies di

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GF Rating


Poor ending

posted by SFGiants1 (CLAREMONT, CA) Jun 20, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Great game overall, however it did start off pretty slow. Gameplay was spot on, the story-line was great and easy to get absorbed in, but the biggest let down had to be the ending. Great game to play through if you haven't already, but be prepared for a lackluster finish to an otherwise fantastic game.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by INSAN3J3D1 (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Apr 2010

This game gives me a really weird feeling. I really enjoy the story, the characters, the rpg style gameplay, open world aspect and variety of weapons and ways of growing your character. However, I find myself a bit bored while playing the actual normal portions of the game. There are some awesome scenes where you walk through or run through crazy moments, but in most of these scenes you don't have your gun drawn. The scenes are fun and look great, but the you go back to the normal gameplay and I'm bored. I can really understand how people love this, but I have to imagine that there's many people who are bored by this game, like I am.

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