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GF Rating


Honestly it's crud

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Dec 9, 2012

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So for the good, well there is voice acting. I mean every person talks or will groan when you shoot them. Story is interesting, not exactly intelligent but well it's better than some. Controls are fairly easy and for the most part work fine.

The bad, well everything actually. Ignore above, the graphics are not amazing, the people have little in the way of difference. The island is basically lots of green and brown. Definitely not something to write home about. Course I will mention that the game does not slow down at any point that is not from the controls not responding worth crud.

See while they are easy and simple, they respond about as fast as molasses. Gunfights are nothing more than you pointing at the other guy and shooting. The death's are not bad, namely they don't all die the same way, there are four different unless you do a sneak attack with the knife. Sneak attack as far as I have seen is three different deaths.

There isn't anything saying this is better than anything else out there right now. HALO has better control and reaction, new COD same thing. The AI is dumb as a post so there's nothing different. In fact, there isn't anything different from the last version of this. You are to wander around finding people and animals to kill.

You get better at fighting as you go, except you don't. You are still limited by the reaction time of the control. They barely do a single thing so on normal difficulty you wander around shooting them when you feel like it.

Not a buyable game, barely worth the rental. It's only worth a rental for points if you care about that. I have played the game a grand total of twice since I received it. The first time because I hadn't played it before, and the second because I needed something else to do. Boring, pointless, and bland are all apt terms for this game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Realism, Great Detail... Too repatative

posted by ThaRealRoman96 (MAYVILLE, WI) Dec 10, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

2 out of 16 gamers (12%) found this review helpful

The game is amazing, its beautiful... sooo much realistic qualities to it... but the story is short.. the multiplayer is garbage... and the co op is the crappiest thing ive ever tried... The story is just the same thing over and over again... its not at all what i expected...

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GF Rating


Too Hard even on Easy.

posted by AngieHoke (SEDALIA, MO) Dec 29, 2012

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Way to hard. Three shots to the head with a sniper rifle. Come on. The story and graphic are great I just wish I could have continued through the game without being killed so fast even on easy mode. Some gamers love this kind of challenge but I like to move along more quickly through the story.

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